White minimalist sneakers are back on trend! See how to wear them

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White minimalist sneakers are back on trend! See how to wear them

White sneakers are shoes that almost never go out of style. They can be used to create both sporty and more elegant outfits. What does white sneakers look like? With which clothes is it best to match white, minimalistic sneakers?

Types of sneakers

You can find different types of sneakers on the shelves. One of them is low-top model. These are shoes that do not cover the ankle. It is a great choice for the summer season because they are thin and light. Sneakers of this type are very universal and fit well to every type of figure. They are available in women’s and men’s versions. One of the most popular types of low-tops are runner type sneakers. They are a perfect solution for all lovers of sport styles. They are extremely comfortable to wear. The foot does not get tired in them and does not sweat, even if we wear them all day long. Sneakers of this type are designed in such a way that you feel in them as in real, professional jogging shoes

Another option is low-top skate sneakers. They are lightweight and are usually manufactured from canvas or leather. They often have thick soles, which makes them extremely durable and resistant to damage. When you buy them, you can be sure that they will serve you for a long time

The next type of sneakers are called mid-tops, which are characterized by the fact that they cover the ankle. They come in both summer and winter versions. In the second case, we are dealing with sneakers with elevated upper, which effectively protects against low temperatures, wind or rain

We can also deal with high-tops sneakers. It is the most popular choice when you are looking for a sneaker with a high ankle boot that can go all the way up to your mid-calf. It is best to wear them in slightly cooler months of the year. Such sneakers can be successfully worn to a bit more formal stylizations. They are most often found in women’s version. In stores are available, among others, basketball high-tops. They have an athletic look and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Sneakers can also be divided in terms of the material from which they are produced. We recommend, among others, leather models. These shoes are extremely durable and resistant to damage, which can be worn in bad weather without any worries. Another proposal is suede sneakers. They present extremely elegant and are best for dry, spring and summer days. For the summer season, it is worth getting mesh sneakers, which are extremely light, breathable and air permeable. The hit of the last few seasons are sock models, which fit perfectly to the shape of the foot, wrapping it and providing good ventilation at the same time.

How to style white sneakers?

Why go for white sneakers? These are one of those shoes that never go out of fashion. You can be sure that they will look as good as they do today in a few seasons. What’s more, you can easily match them with the clothes in your closet. White is a timeless, universal color which goes well with both toned down and more flashy colors. It suits every woman, no matter her age or beauty type.

White sneakers are perfect as an element of sporty outfits. They can be matched with plain, basic, one-coloured T-shirt, zip-up hoodie and drawstring sweatpants. However, nothing stands in the way of using white sneakers for a more elegant outfit. For example, you can successfully combine them with a tracksuit dress.

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