Changing hair color – how to do it safely?

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Changing hair color – how to do it safely?

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Every one of us needs a change from time to time. Many women then reach for hair colouring products. We tell you how to lighten and change your natural hair color without going bald

Buy the Right Products

Instead of drugstore hair dyes, buy professional hair coloring products. Don’t worry, your wallet won’t suffer. There are a whole bunch of cheap dyes on the market. One that comes to mind is La Riche Directions, one bottle of which will cost you a staggering 16 zł. And believe us, it’s worth it. First of all, semi-permanent dyes from trusted brands don’t contain hair-damaging ammonia or bleach, which will allow you to better control the result of coloring. Plus, they’re usually formulated more like a conditioner than a typical drugstore product, so they’ll nourish your hair instead of harming it.

How to lighten hair?

If you dye your hair a color darker than your natural color, bleaching won’t be necessary. But in most cases, it is unfortunately a necessary process. Remember, when you are planning a dramatic color change, you will need more than one bleaching. Each approach should be done at a two-week interval.

Bleaching is meant to completely get rid of your pigment so that the dye is able to fill in the empty hair structure. That’s why when you decide to take this step, you have to be determined – if you ever want to go back to your natural color, you have to let your hair grow out or just dye it a shade close to your own.

The fact that bleaching damages hair structure should make it clear that only sufficiently healthy hair should be treated. That is, hair that is soft to the touch, reflects light and has not recently undergone another debilitating chemical process. If your hair is far from perfect, you have to be prepared for the fact that bleaching your hair on your own can cause it to burn or fall out.

Don’t wash your scalp before you start bleaching, as the sebum we secrete provides extra protection against possible irritation. For the whole process you’ll need a few things: the bleach itself, the oxidant (choose 30 vol or 20 vol, under no circumstances choose 40 vol, even if you’re bleaching black hair!), a plastic bowl and a spoon. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the ratio of mixing the lightener with the oxidizer.

When the concoction has a creamy consistency, start applying it to your previously sectioned hair. If you’ve never colored your hair before, start with the ends and only when it’s completely covered, take care of the section at the roots. This is very important. Hair at the roots lightens faster because our scalp gives off heat.

Remember to act quickly but thoroughly – you don’t want to miss any areas. A mistake that many women make when bleaching is to apply a very thin layer of the mixture. In fact, you want to have a completely white head at the end of the process, as if you covered it in whipped cream. This is the best way to reduce any translucency and evenly cover the bristles.

Absolutely do not try to “foam” the bleach. Highlighter is not shampoo. Rubbing it into your hair will only irritate your scalp and weaken an already vulnerable hair structure.

How to properly tone hair?

Many girls know that when they want to get rid of yellowish tones in their hair, they must reach for purple shampoo. However, not many realize why this trick works.

To understand what hair toning is all about, you need to look at the basic color wheel. If you turn your attention to yellow and follow your eyes in the opposite direction, you will notice that it is purple that is in opposition. So these two colors oppose each other and cancel each other out.

Toning is precisely the process of reducing the unwanted shade of hair by applying any product with the pigment of the opposing color. Just as purple eliminates yellow flashes, pink causes greens to fade faster. Once you understand this universal principle of color, you will easily know which product to reach for when you want to get rid of a certain shade from your hair.

When you plan on bleaching your hair several times you should not practice toning in between each bleaching process. Most of the products used for bleaching weaken the hair and have a drying effect. If you have planned to bleach your hair for a few weeks and don’t want to parade around town yellow as a duckling, use a regular semi-permanent hair dye with purple pigments instead of a shampoo or rinse.

Something for Women Who Like to Stand Out

Are you a fan of shocking transformations? Have you had more colors on your head than you can count? Imprinting is a modern hair colouring method, which allows not only a permanent change of color but also the creation of detailed, intricate patterns, impossible to achieve with ordinary hair colouring. Imprinting is suitable not only for lovers of crazy looks but also for women who need a subtle change in their appearance. And I guess each of us likes to stand out.

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