These clothes will never go out of style. It is worth having them in your closet

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These clothes will never go out of style. It is worth having them in your closet

A trench, jacket, jeans, shirt and T-shirt with a v-neck are absolute must-haves for women’s closet. These items are always on trend and can be used to create many outfits, both casual and not.

Beige trench

Outerwear is not only supposed to keep us warm and protect us from changing weather conditions, but it is also an important and very visible element of a style.

A total classic is the beige trench, so timeless and versatile that it can be easily matched with pants, dresses and skirts, flat or high-heeled shoes, as well as clutch bags, postcards or large shoppers. It is suitable for everyday wear, business meetings or big outings or events.

In this case it is worth focusing on choosing the right cut for your figure. The best models are slim-fit, with a belt, reaching to the knees – then they beautifully emphasize women’s silhouettes, covering up any flaws. It is also worth remembering that double-breasted jackets optically broaden, while single-breasted ones with cut necklines, on the contrary, slim and elongate the whole silhouette.

Slim-fit jacket

In your closet it is also worth to have a well tailored jacket, which will last for many years – not only for work or formal outfits, but also for everyday use. We recommend mainly slightly slim-fit jackets, as boxy, oversized ones are not that universal and not every woman will look good in them.

In addition, as in the case of coats, it is better to bet on single-breasted, as well as hip-length and classic colors, such as black, gray or navy blue. We also cannot forget about the material. It should be soft and natural, breathable (this also applies to the lining – polyester is not the best choice).

Such a jacket will go well with all kinds of outfits, with pants, skirts, dresses, stilettos, sneakers, regardless of their shade or pattern.


This is another must-have in every closet – regardless of our age, profession and daily activities. Jeans also go well with any kind of footwear and upper garments like blouses, sweaters or shirts.

In stores we have so many cuts of denim pants that no one should have a problem with choosing the perfect pair for themselves. In 2021, the most popular are loose-fitting styles, such as mom jeans and flared legs, but there is nothing to stop you from buying classic, smooth, navy blue or black jeans, if you feel better in a fitted cut.

Remember about the appropriate length of legs, size of pockets and the top. Instead of hips, choose high-waisted, which emphasizes the silhouette perfectly. It is also good for the pants to have some elastane, thanks to which they will be more comfortable to wear.

White shirt

It may seem that a white shirt is only an element of a business or formal outfit. Nothing could be further from the truth. A white shirt is perfect for everyday wear as well. Its character depends on what we match it with. It can be elegant cigarette pants, a jacket and stiletto heels, but also jeans, ramones and sneakers, or even shorts, a hat and a plaid basket.

A white shirt can be buttoned up to the neck, the sleeves rolled up, or tied in a knot in the front. Choose a model that is neither too tight nor too transparent. The material also plays an important role here. We say a definite no to polyester.

T-shirt with V neckline

At the end we left T-shirt, but not the usual one, but with a heart neckline. What is so special about it? First of all it emphasizes and lengthens the neck and optically “relieves” the upper part of our silhouette. It is especially recommended to women with large breasts or wide shoulders, because it balances them perfectly.

It is worth having such a T-shirt in at least two basic colors – white and black – so that you can style it freely. Depending on your preferences, you can also tuck it into pants, shorts or skirt.

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