The ABC of spring skin care

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The ABC of spring skin care

Skin after winter is tired, dry, gray and prone to irritation. Spring is the time to take care of its regeneration. Skin care should take place in stages, which means it should be comprehensive. We suggest what to do to make the skin healthy and radiant. 

Before we proceed to any treatments for our skin, we must choose the right cosmetics for your skin type. If we do not do this, we can do a lot of damage to it. Sensitive, vascular, acne-prone and irritable skin types are particularly demanding. That is why we should carefully read the ingredients of cosmetic products and try to choose those based on natural ingredients.

Step one: cleansing

We must wash our face very thoroughly to prepare the skin for the application of any cosmetics. However, water alone is not enough. It is good to wash the skin with a cleansing gel. Gently massage the most sensitive areas such as forehead, cheeks and chin with circular movements. However, try to avoid the area around the eyes, so that the preparation does not get into them. Instead of using a gel, we can cleanse our skin with a tonic. This cosmetic, which restores the correct pH of the skin and prepares it to accept the cream.

Step two: moisturizing

When the skin is already thoroughly cleansed, it is also ready for the application of a cream. This type of cosmetic is of course also selected according to skin type. For more sensitive skin we choose products with deep moisturizing properties, with vitamin C or retinol. Retinol, interchangeably called vitamin A, is mainly responsible for stimulating collagen production in the skin, but it also has an anti-wrinkle effect and delays skin aging processes. We should also choose a face cream depending on the season, which many women forget about. The cosmetics should protect against atmospheric factors such as harmful UV rays, wind, frost or smog.

Step three: make-up

Remember that make-up has not only beautifying properties, but also protective ones. Make-up also protects the face skin from harmful external factors. On the cosmetics market there are more and more products that have natural ingredients and do not cause any allergic reactions. It is very important to choose cosmetics for make-up, which will not clog pores and allow the skin to breathe freely, even for several hours. In spring it is recommended to use BB creams, because their formula is light and they also have covering properties, so we will not have to worry that the cosmetic will not cover unsightly pimples.

Fourth step: night skin care

After an eventful day in which various cosmetics “landed” on the face, it is necessary to give it a rest. After a thorough makeup removal we can also apply scrub (regular scrubbing is recommended especially for people with oily and acne-prone skin), which is a good option for exfoliating dead skin cells. Instead of peeling we can use a nourishing or regenerating and moisturizing mask. The choice depends again on skin type.

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