How do I care for thin hair?

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How do I care for thin hair?

If your hair is naturally very thin, do not worry. If you take good care of it, your hair can be a great asset. However, you should be gentle and careful with your fine hair. How do you care for fine hair? In this article, we explain.

The Right Diet

Every woman who wants to have thick and beautiful hair should include products rich in vitamin A (e. g. butter, cottage cheese, liver). In addition, it is advisable to eat whole grain products because they are rich in vitamin B. If you have thin hair, you should pay attention to what you eat.

Head Massage

It is always advisable to massage your head for 10 minutes before shampooing. This massage improves the sebaceous glands and stimulates hair growth. Do it this way: Place your thumbs on your temples and massage your scalp in a circular motion starting at your forehead and ending at the back of your head.

The Right Care Products

Fine hair can be dry or oily. For this reason, experts recommend washing your hair only when you really need to. It is not advisable to use 2-in-1 shampoos because these all-purpose products usually cannot offer adequate care.

For thin hair, it is advisable to use specialized shampoos that will add volume to your hair. For thin hair it is better to choose products with a light consistency and a rich and nourishing composition. This is the case with oil-based shampoos, lotions and masks, which saturate the strands with optimum ingredients without weighing them down.

Trendy dry shampoos, which serve not only as a temporary measure to cleanse the hair but also to create volume, should not be used by people with thin hair. The particles of the product penetrate the pores of the scalp and deprive the hair of nourishment, making the strands look dull, weak and therefore even thinner.

The Care Process

The way you use shampoo, lotion, mask and other hair care products has a huge impact on the condition of your hair. We should apply shampoo to our hair twice. The first shampooing removes dust and excess oil from your hair and the second shampooing prepares your hair and scalp for further care. Gently work the product into your scalp and massage gently. Rinse the lather thoroughly – otherwise the lingering shampoo residue will make your hair dirty again after a few hours

Towel dry your hair before applying the balm to fully utilize its nourishing ingredients. Apply lotions and masks only to the length of your hair, avoiding the scalp – concentrate on the length about 5 cm from the roots

Beware of the Towel

Do not wrap your hair in a towel after shampooing. The heavy fabric causes hair breakage. After getting out of the bath or shower, lightly dry your strands, then apply a styling product if needed and use a hair dryer right away

Dry Your Hair Well

If you have long or medium-length hair tilt your head downwards while blow-drying. This will naturally add volume to your hair even without using special styling products. Another option is to start blow-drying your hair while standing up straight and then turn on the cold blow.

Styling Products

For hair to look thick and lush it needs extra volume without weighing it down. Stylists recommend using lightweight sprays and mousse to add volume with heat protection, as it is almost impossible to get more volume at home without using a blow dryer and brush. Sea salt sprays add volume to hair, while lightweight disciplining oils will add shine.

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