How to make your skin look good after leaving the plane?

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How to make your skin look good after leaving the plane?

The skin after leaving the plane, especially if the flight was long, usually does not look its best. How to remedy this?

The summer-autumn period is a time when many people choose to travel abroad. Long-hour flights are tiring not only for the body, but also have a bad effect on our complexion. So it is worth taking proper care of it. But how to do it?

Remember that the air on the plane is very dry

The reason that the skin does not look its best after a plane flight is, among other things, that the air in the plane is very dry. Sometimes the humidity does not exceed 20% All because the air has to be processed to make it the right temperature and breathable. For this reason, it is dry. So it’s no surprise that the skin after a few hours of flying is also dry and looks tired.

It is worth taking care of the skin beforehand

Even a few days before the planned flight, it’s worth applying moisturizing masks and reaching for deep moisturizing and nourishing creams. This will help the skin to be better prepared for harsh conditions and will not require such regeneration later.

Makeup should be thoughtful

Under makeup it is worth using a moisturizing base or instead of a foundation reach for a moisturizing BB cream. Strongly opaque foundation additionally dries out the skin, and you should remember that after a long time spent on a plane, make-up will not look its best. Therefore, it is worthwhile, if we must, to use light cosmetics that will not dry out the skin.

Eye patches can help

If the flight will last several or more hours, it is worth taking hydrogel eye pads with you, which soothe and relieve, in addition to firming and smoothing the skin. Applying them on the plane won’t be a hassle, and it will make your complexion look rested and healthy after disembarking.

Water is a must

It is necessary to regularly hydrate the body. It is estimated that a minimum of a glass of water should be drunk during one hour of flight. It is worth buying it at the airport, as it will be cheaper than on the plane. Drinking water will not only make your skin look better, but also your legs won’t be so swollen and your eyes will be red and congested. It is worth bearing in mind that the water available at the tap on the plane (in the restroom) is usually not drinkable.

Avoid pollution

Bacteria and germs abound on an airplane. Of course, it’s impossible to avoid them completely, but it’s better not to use the pillows and blankets available on some airlines. If you have the opportunity, it’s a good idea to put a small jasper in your carry-on luggage. It is also a good idea to take antibacterial hand gel, because touching your face with dirty hands can contribute to subsequent skin problems.

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