Scarf as a headband – the best tutorials seen on Instagram

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Scarf as a headband – the best tutorials seen on Instagram

Colorful scarf or with animal print, will be a perfect addition to autumn styling. But does it always have to go around our neck? Not necessarily. This time we show you how to use a scarf to create a trendy headband that will look great in your hair.

Where can you find the most fashion inspiration? On Instagram of course! The photos, ideas and tutorials are incredibly inventive and users often share their outfits and skills. This time we’re looking for the best instructions on how to make a stylish hairband out of a scarf

Scarf headband – a simple way to look stylish and chic in 5 minutes

The easiest way to use a scarf in your hair is to tie it into a ponytail or braid. Wearing a scarf in your hair adds a romantic and feminine charm to your style. If you want to tie a scarf over your forehead as a headband, large satin or silk scarves are perfect for this . To do this, roll the scarf into a tight roll, wrap the resulting band around your hairline and tie the two ends together on top of your head, preferably in a bow. If you have a really big scarf at your disposal, you can use it to make a trendy turban, which is great for covering your head on sunny days.

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