Tights – the way to turn up the style

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Tights – the way to turn up the style

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Tights are that part of a woman’s closet that will never go out of fashion. Although they are an addition to an outfit, they can also add character to it. See which tights you should choose to make an impression.

There are different models and patterns of tights on the market, from thin to very thick, classic beige or black and in different colors. If you are looking for tights, go to https://noq.com.pl/kategoria-produktu/kobieta/rajstopy/. You will surely find something for yourself there.

Not for girls at all

White tights are associated with childhood but, if properly matched with styling, they can do wonders. This type of tights optically enlarges legs, so it is a good idea to wear them with longer skirts, dresses or coats. Match them with contrasting dresses in dark colors or with colorful heeled sandals.


If you like sporty styling, you don’t have to give up tights. Pair plain black tights with colorful sports shoes. If you prefer calmer colors, wear white or black shoes. They will look great with wide pants or with a skirt.

Imitation stockings

Such tights worn with even the most classic skirt or dress will add character and femininity to the styling. You can wear them with loose dresses or pleated skirts, but not only. Wear with a tight dress that emphasizes your figure, and stocking-like tights to gently emphasize your legs. Wear with heeled shoes and throw an oversized jacket over your shoulders.

Patterned tights

If you go for minimalism in your outfits but want something to break it up and give it a unique touch, these tights are perfect for you. Star or polka dot tights go well with a classic little black dress, but also with leather shorts. If you are not afraid of combining prints, pair these tights with a patterned dress. If you want to spice up a formal outfit, wear polka dot tights with a classic white shirt and simple stilettos.

Lace goes with everything

Lace tights are able to change the character of even the simplest situation. They will go well with a sexy, feminine dress, but also worn every day with sports shoes. They are the perfect solution if you want to create a delicate, romantic look, but also when you want to look a bit more daring. Wear beige or powder pink tights with classic suede boots. Pair your tights with shoes in a similar shade, as this will make your legs and silhouette optically longer.


These openwork mesh tights will go with many outfits. You can wear them every day, on a date or at a party. Fishnet tights look good with skirts and dresses, as well as with pants or shorts. If you want to rock your outfit, wear pants with holes and boots that reveal your ankles. Paired with shorts and a looser T-shirt, these are a good option for summer. If you want to wear them with a dress, opt for a knit dress. Such styling is suitable for everyday and evening meetings. For special occasions, you can reach for cabarettes with glitter or sequins.

Colorful tights

An intense shade of tights will look great with dark dresses. Especially in winter, when most of us rely on muted colors, they can be a great option. However, if you are not afraid of a challenge, you can wear a dress and tights in the same color.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what type of tights you decide on – more or less distinctive, the most important thing is that you feel good in them. You can play with fashion and experiment, twisting your styling in any way you want.

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