7 clothes you absolutely must have in your closet this summer!

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7 clothes you absolutely must have in your closet this summer!

Summer is the time of the year during which fashion has its own rules. We love the warm months for their mix of colors, airy fabrics and unobvious patterns. We present the upcoming season’s trends, so you can complete your closet with fashionable gems.

Boiler suit

The first trend has little to do with annual fashion trends. Usually in summer we opt for airy, flowing dresses or airy tops. This year, contrary to the rules that have prevailed so far, we will wear boiler suits, i.e. overalls, which by their style resemble work clothes. Although at first glance they don’t have much in common with feminine clothes emphasizing the figure, when combined with a clutch bag and delicate stilettos they can look really sensual!

Knitted dresses

Every summer we can see the return of the hippie style. This will also be the case this year. The 70s in fashion will reveal themselves to us in the form of knitted dresses. We will wear them not only on the beach and during summer festivals, but also doing various errands in the city. Clothes made on crochet are particularly favored by Victoria Beckham and Oscar de la Renta. This summer, you certainly won’t be able to do without even a small crocheted accent!

Oversize hats

Fashion experts say that large oversize hats will reign supreme this coming summer. This is the opposite of the recent trend for bucket hats, which unfortunately did not provide adequate protection from the sun. The oversize hat will not only be a sun barrier, but will also look insanely elegant, especially with airy maxi dresses.

Tie-dye clothes

We remain in the hippie aesthetic. Fashionable in the 90s, clothes that are meant to look handmade are back in a big way! You can easily make this type of clothing at home, without a lot of money. All you need to do is tie a few knots on an old T-shirt or pants and dye the garment. This will create uneven colored patches on the fabric. This is what tie-dye is – the latest fashion cry!

Sequins and tassels

Summer styling can not be boring. This year they will be varied by tassels and sequins. With every, even the smallest movement, they will make the styling look a little different. Tassels are perfect for the summer boho vibe and will give any outfit a touch of casualness. Sequins, on the other hand, are perfect for the evening, when we want to add a touch of elegance to our outfit.

Animal prints

Try to have at least one garment in animal print in your closet this summer. The British “Cosmopolitan” predicts that this is the pattern that will reign over the coming months. Mottes and tiger stripes may not work for every occasion, but from time to time it is worth allowing yourself to go fashion crazy. Animal prints go best with rock styling, combined with a leather ramoneski.

Neons and beiges – a summer full of contrasts

This summer it is worth having in your closet clothes in both vivid, even neon colors, and those in subdued colors. Bright shades will allow you to stand out from the crowd – it is impossible to pass by such clothes indifferently. However, British “Vogue” also draws attention to delicate beiges, which will be the last shout of fashion this summer. Earthy colors will add delicacy to any styling and are perfect for the greatest heat.

main photo: unsplash.com/Arnel Hasanovic

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