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Vintage is very much in trend right now. Exceptional, unique and unrepeatable elements of our closet perfectly complement the styling. We answer the question how to combine vintage gems with contemporary fashion.

It’s very easy to look comical, putting some element of vintage outfit without knowing the basic rules of combining cuts and styles. Thanks to the following tricks you will find out how stylists deal with this issue. The most important thing is moderation and good taste in our daily, party and outfit choices

How to combine vintage elements in everyday styling?

The key to success for vintage pieces to go well together is to keep the right proportions. The principle of “less is more” applies here. Vintage pieces are very distinctive and eye-catching, so if you add something old-school, the other elements should be toned down. The next detail that is worth remembering is the attention to detail. It is these seemingly small decisions that create the whole style. A worn bag matched with a classic dress or grandma’s jewelry from a bygone era will add style to your outfit. This is also an important tip – vintage elements will work better as accessories.

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