4 ways to strengthen your nails

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4 ways to strengthen your nails

Hands are our business card. A large role is played by the nails – they should be clean, neat, evenly trimmed, possibly painted. Is it difficult for you to achieve this, because your nails are brittle and fragile? Follow our tips and get rid of this problem!

Proper diet

It is not only external factors that affect the condition of nails, but also improper diet. Introduce into your diet products rich in B vitamins, as well as zinc and magnesium.

Olive oil, flaxseed, and even… garlic and onions

You can rebuild your nails with various ready-made conditioners or oils. But you can also use products that you can find in your kitchen. Soaking nails in olive oil, flaxseed or water with garlic gives great results. You can also make a mask by combining olive oil and crushed garlic. You can also make an onion wrap: cut a hole in half of an onion and put your nails in it for a quarter of an hour.

Gelatin bath

Gelatin is also a natural way to strengthen nails. Dissolve two teaspoons in a glass of hot water, and when it cools, dip your fingertips in it for about 10-15 minutes.

The right manicure

Weak nails often break and bend – then you need to use a file. Choose a glass or paper file (metal files damage your nails). Technique is also important – you should always file in one direction, it prevents tugging the nail plate and unnecessary splitting.

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