Sandals – must have for summer. How to wear them?

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Sandals – must have for summer. How to wear them?

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In the shoe cabinet of a fashionable woman can not miss sandals, and in her closet – matching clothes. What models are worth buying for this summer and what will go best with them? We advise how to dress fashionably and comfortably when the weather outside begins to be good

Pair with jeans

Combine two undisputed classics and reinvent your platform sandals by adding wide-legged jeans, like the often overlooked bell-bottoms, to your outfit. This is definitely a look for daring women who are not afraid to catch the eye on the street. If you decide to wear wedges with this hit of the 90s, remember about the second recurring retro trend – glasses with colored lenses.

If you want to opt for platform sandals but are looking for a safer choice, popular mom jeans or boyfriend jeans are a good compromise. They look good even with a plain T-shirt, so styling them shouldn’t be too much trouble. It’s a comfortable solution for summer which will emphasize the charm of platform sandals

Avoid pairing them with skinny jeans. They can make your legs look shorter than they really are. For such styling, it is definitely better to opt for comfortable sandals on a stiletto heel, as a golden mean between heavy platforms and uncomfortable stilettos

Pair with a dress

A dress and sandals are a well-known duo that we faithfully return to every summer season for good reason. No matter how long or short your dress is, ‘s wide assortment of sandals will help you find the perfect match. Whether it’s a stiletto sandal for an oversize dress, a stiletto sandal for an elegant evening outfit or a platform sandal for a midi look, is the right online store for you. A dress and sandals is a timeless choice not only for its versatility, but also for its breathability. It’s everything you need from your outfit on hot days, no matter if you’re heading to the nearby market for shopping or your friend’s wedding.

Pair with shorts

Summer is the time of shorts. Time to pull your favorite short shorts out of the closet and style them with a pair of comfortable sandals. What combinations are worth betting on?

  • denim shorts + wide shirts + flat sole sandals
  • leather shorts + dark top + leather sandals
  • loose shorts + crop top + sandals with big toe loop
  • cropped shorts + shirt with collar + stiletto sandals

Depending on which combination you decide on, you can match shorts to any occasion. Shorts and sandals is a combination that will make your summer not only fashionable, but above all comfortable, thanks to the selection of clothes appropriate for the weather

Paired with skirts

Airy skirts, comfortable fabrics and a palette of bright colors is your key to a stylish summer closet. If you do not want to wear a dress, but the choice of pants overwhelms you, opt for a skirt.

An elegant version is a pencil skirt and high-heeled sandals. To give your outfit a touch of craze, opt for geometric patterns or intense colors, neons are very trendy this season

Pleated skirts look equally good with high-heeled sandals. This feminine and romantic combination is perfect for a date with your lover or going out with friends. If you don’t feel comfortable on stiletto heels and want to gain a few inches, platform shoes are a good alternative

Match short skirts with almond sandals for a very interesting and eye-catching combination. This is a great option for a walk, shopping or even a trip out of town. Romans are comfortable, and in a well-chosen mini skirt you will feel comfortable regardless of the temperature

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