To whom can laser liposuction be recommended?

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To whom can laser liposuction be recommended?

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Adipose tissue is problematic in terms of both aesthetics and health. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get rid of it, sometimes even a well-balanced diet and increased physical activity is not enough. Fortunately, effective and modern methods such as laser liposuction are available. The use of innovative technological solutions allows for quick and satisfying results. Laser liposuction can be recommended to anyone who wants in a minimally invasive way to model their body and increase attractiveness.

What is laser liposuction Katowice and what is its effectiveness?

Laser liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure characterized by high precision and effectiveness. In a non-surgical way you can suck out the fatty tissue from the critical areas of the body. The use of modern equipment allows for direct access to fat cells, the laser beam acts selectively, bypassing surrounding tissues. If diet and physical activity do not bring satisfactory results, then laser liposuction Katowice comes to the rescue. It allows you to get rid of imperfections from different parts of the body, treatments are carried out on the chin, waist, arms, back, thighs, buttocks, knees, chest. In addition, laser liposuction can be combined with other treatments to achieve even better results like sculpting muscles and correcting sagging. Laser firms and shrinks the skin, it is an effective way to lose weight in a safe manner. Without the use of professional equipment, it is extremely difficult to reduce the volume of fat cells from problematic areas of the body even when living a healthy lifestyle.

What should you know about laser liposuction?

The procedure of laser liposuction Katowice is carried out on an outpatient basis with the use of local anesthesia and the assistance of an anesthesiologist. It involves the insertion of an ultra-thin and flexible fiber-optic tip under the skin, with the help of which the fat cells are broken down, and then they are led out using a suction. The next stage is shrinking of the skin and tissues, which means body shaping. Finally, a compression corset is applied to speed up recovery and increase the effectiveness of the procedure. The advantages of laser liposuction are no hospitalization and a relatively short period of convalescence. You can count on high selectivity of the laser beam, fast return to normal life, skin firming.

Laser liposuction is primarily used to reduce fat and fatty folds. It allows to eliminate double chin, model the oval of the face, slim the shoulders and waist, reduce local fat. It is also used in case of male gynaecomastia. If the procedure is performed in a proven office by an experienced professional, you can count on complete safety and a clear, lasting and fast body sculpting effect. Liposuction allows to get rid of uneven skin surface and fight cellulite. It is worth knowing that fat cells treated with laser beam during liposuction procedure are not renewed in places from which they were previously removed. Fat is located in other parts of the body.

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