Top 7 iconic fragrances that women love!

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Top 7 iconic fragrances that women love!

The beauty of scent has been appreciated since ancient times, when the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra used seductive fragrances to arouse the interest of men. The right scent can immediately trigger emotions – so you can consider your own scent as a private business card.

Why do women use perfume?

Many experts say that perfume is a reflection of our character. Whether you like light floral scents or rather intense and spicy notes says a lot about your disposition. Often, wearing your favorite perfume can also boost your self-confidence. A job interview, a date or just going out with friends – wrapped in an appropriate note of perfume you can be sure that you will attract attention and stay in the memory of others for a long time. But sometimes the question is: which perfume to choose? Meet seven absolutely iconic fragrances that will work in almost every situation

Yves Saint Laurent Libre

The bottle of the perfume signed by the French brand Yves Saint Laurent is very simple and elegant. The bottle is decorated with the brand’s golden symbol and the black cap adds a touch of class. The scent itself is extremely oriental and floral. Every time you use it, you will feel the freedom expressed by a light and consistent composition. If you are a strong woman who places independence as a supreme value, this perfume will be your perfect complement for every day.

Calvin Klein Women

An absolutely iconic fragrance intended for a modern woman. Like the previous perfume, it has a fresh, but this time woody-floral aroma. After a puff, you will feel fresh citrus, eucalyptus and pepper at the beginning and then it will melt into floral notes based on the woody base. If you like versatile fragrances then CK Women will be the perfect partner for any outing.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Another fragrance from YSL, this time with completely different characteristics. Black Opium is a perfume that went on sale in 2014 and was inspired by music. The scent itself is oriental and will be perfect for evening outings. If you like to have a perfume for a special occasion, it would be a good idea to make this your choice.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million

If your man has ever used Paco Rabanne 1 Million perfume and you liked it, you will also be delighted with its female version. It is a composition extremely sensual and gradually releasing its aromas. The first aromas that you will smell are bitter citrus with raspberry. The heart of the perfume creates in turn jasmine, gardenia and orange flower. The base is based on patchouli, ambergris and white honey. Lady Million is also an unconventional flacon, which was designed in the image of a hundred-carat diamond.

Lancome Tresor (EDP)

Do you appreciate long-lasting effect and your senses are stimulated by oriental-floral scents? If so, this intriguing fragrance from Lancome will meet your wildest expectations. When using the perfume, the first sensation will be fruity tones of peach, pineapple and bergamot. Then our smell will be enveloped by delicate floral notes based on a base of sandalwood, vanilla and musk

Gucci Bloom

The fragrance prepared by Gucci perfectly harmonizes with its packaging. Before using the perfume you will see a rectangular, minimalist and inconspicuous flacon in the color of powder pink. The perfume itself takes you to a real, fragrant meadow. Bloom is a fragrance for a sensual woman. It will serve you perfectly on every day, but also on occasions when the perfume should not be too intense

Thierry Mugler Angel

A choice for bold women who are not afraid of intense and distinctive fragrance. If you are considering buying a perfume for the evening, you want to accentuate your presence and be the brightest star of the meeting – without a second thought, reach for this imaginatively constructed flacon. The fragrance is iconic when it comes to sweet items, and has inspired other creators for nearly 30 years. The aroma itself will seduce you with notes of chocolate and caramel.

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