What lingerie should plus size women choose?

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What lingerie should plus size women choose?

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Plus size women face many difficulties when choosing clothes and underwear. Clothes in most chain stores are produced only in small sizes, which do not give us the comfort and freedom we need. There is no worse feeling than panties that are too tight, sticking painfully into our hips or tights that slip off. In response to these pains, plus size lingerie lines are being created. See what underwear to choose to feel comfortable every day.

The right size – the basis of comfort

The most important aspect when it comes to wearing lingerie is getting the right size. It seems obvious, but many of us buy too small underwear because the stores simply don’t carry plus size underwear. This results in itchy chafing where the panties press against the body, decreased circulation in these areas, longer lasting shaving irritations, and even intimate infections. Plus size underwear is the solution to these problems for bigger girls. It gives us the comfort we deserve and allows us to get rid of the hassles that come with wearing the wrong underwear for our measurements

Thigh bands, or no more chafing

Summer is approaching, and with it the problem of all girls with larger thighs – chafing. It is a natural thing when heated skin comes into contact with each other and rubs while walking. However, it is extremely uncomfortable and even painful. The rash, itching, sometimes blisters, appearing on the inside of the thighs is not only problematic, but also has a negative impact on our self-esteem. Wearing leggings or shorts under dresses in 40-degree heat is downright masochistic, which is why thigh bands were created. This piece of elastic becomes a protection against chafing and allows us to wear whatever we want without having to worry about skin irritation later

There are both more casual models available online, made of elastane and cotton, and more elegant, sexy lace headbands. The latter look like a cabaret trim, which will make them look fantastic under an evening dress and even if the band shows from under the dress, it will just look like a decoration.

Sexy plus size lingerie

Each of us has faced this problem at least once – if we manage to find underwear in the store in the right size, the cut and appearance resembles the panties that our grandmothers wear. Plus size women do not have to give up sexy lingerie at all. Thanks to online stores with plus size lingerie, we can feel like a million dollars at an elegant party or in the bedroom! What underwear our partner finds under our clothes can affect our self-esteem, after all we all remember the famous Bridget Jones panties scene. On the web we can finally find a wide selection of lace lingerie sets with a claw for women with curves. Such a set combined with lace thigh bands is the perfect set under a dress for a date or romantic dinner.

Plus size lingerie is very necessary and should be available universally. Unfortunately, sizes in stationary stores often end at 42 and we are forced to search the Internet to ensure our comfort. However, it is not worth giving up comfort, well-being and confidence because of your size. By buying plus size lingerie, even if it’s harder to find, we can enjoy the comfort and freedom that commonly manufactured sizes don’t provide.

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