Beachwear that hides the curves perfectly

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Beachwear that hides the curves perfectly

Wrinkles will not be a problem for us at the beach if we choose the right cut of swimsuit. It will make your figure look better. Here are some swimsuits that are great for hiding skin folds.

Swimwear with crease

Swimsuits with a visible crease in the stomach area automatically make our figure look much slimmer. Ideally, the crease should cover both the waist and the stomach. It is worth choosing such a dress, which crease will be arranged diagonally, covering the side and front of our waist. Thanks to this, our belly will optically shrink

Swimsuit with an interesting neckline

A good way to divert attention from our folds is to choose a swimsuit with a very interesting neckline, such as Spanish or heart-shaped. Thanks to it the silhouette will gain the right proportions and will be more slender. In addition, the neckline cut in a special way will make the folds less significant.

Swimwear with reinforced sides

For a slimming effect in many swimsuits additional strips of material are used, thanks to which our silhouette will become slimmer. In addition, under the armpits there are additional whalebones, aimed at slimming the silhouette. Thanks to such treatments our waist seems much slimmer, and folds are less visible. Material added at the waist makes the silhouette more slender. Most often such material has a slightly compressive effect, which nicely models the silhouette.

Swimsuits with cut-out backs

As in the case of the neckline, the strongly cut back in one-piece swimsuits is to make our folds no longer visible. Focusing attention on another element of the swimsuit is a very good fashion trick that can help us distract from the flaws of our figure. To slimmer swimsuit, you should also think about choosing such a swimsuit, which in places where we have folds, will have a much darker material, which optically slimmer silhouette

Swimsuit with cut-out sides

Contrary to appearances, swimsuit constructed in such a way can significantly help us to slimmer figure. It is enough to choose one-piece swimsuit, which will have additionally cut out sides, to emphasize our waist significantly. This treatment will allow us to slim it and give the figure a very proportional shape. Many women are afraid of such swimsuits because of the cut-outs, which may expose our folds, however, skilful cut-outs will make them much less visible and our waist better emphasized

Which swimsuits are suitable for Plus Size women?

Some models of swimwear perfectly cover up unwanted folds and are suitable for people who are a bit bigger. A great idea would be a two-piece tankini swimsuit. This is a swimsuit that consists of a built-up bottom and a T-shirt with a built-in bra. The straps of this swimsuit may be a bit thicker, but there are also models with ties at the neck, revealing the back. The loose-fitting cut of the swimsuit makes the figure look slimmer and we can enjoy a nice body shaping. A tankini also makes wrinkles less visible under the looser material. This swimsuit is suitable for women with an apple or pear shape. In addition to tankinis, swim dresses with built-in briefs and one-piece swimsuits with shaping inserts or gussets on the stomach, which will make your silhouette look slimmer, are sure to be suitable. This type of swimsuit will make you feel much nicer on the beach and stop thinking about the visible folds.

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