What boots to buy for autumn 2022?

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What boots to buy for autumn 2022?

Outside the window, the temperature drops significantly, on top of that there is often rain. With great strides we enter the new season. Hence, we check what are the most fashionable boots for autumn 2022. Will we bet on a high platform, or perhaps on glitter or fur? On classic or perhaps on modern models? Explore the list of this year’s hits!

Cowboy boots

We start with a rather unobvious and very original model. Namely, we are talking about cowboy boots with a characteristically cut heel and a contoured, wide upper. This season it will be difficult to take your eyes off them. Boots straight from the western world are available in a variety of versions – from beige classic in suede through openwork to leather, and even with additional decorations, for example, metal tips. We wear this type of footwear both every day, and to work, and to parties, both with pants, skirts and dresses. They definitely give a lot of room for fashion experimentation.

Fur boots

Another very original model of boots are those trimmed with fur. On the catwalks you could see them both in elegant styling and sporty. They definitely look best with warm and soft clothing items – sweaters, bedspreads and long coats. 

Motorcycle boots with metal embellishments

This autumn, motorcycle-style boots are also a hit, with their characteristic wide ankle upper, round top and… accessories. Some models are very ornate – they have straps, buckles, buckles, chains, studs. The best-looking boots are made of smooth grain leather and suede, which go well with jeans and ramones, as well as with mini and midi dresses. You can definitely express your personality with them and emphasize your style.

Full-length laced boots

Lace-up boots are somewhat reminiscent of military footwear. They are minimalistic and uniform, but at the same time very striking. They usually have a low heel and can undoubtedly be worn all day long. They are one of the most versatile autumn shoes, because they will go well with any combination.

Shiny boots

Metallic colors are very much on trend this season – and not only on jackets or handbags, but also on shoes. And so shiny boots are an item that strongly draws attention to itself. We recommend wearing them with a black total look, for example.

Stiletto boots

An absolute hit of autumn 2022 are boots on stiletto heels and with pointed tips. They come in many guises – with a sock upper, with a wide upper, smooth, imitating crocodile or snake skin, in classic black, but also in caramel, olive and beige. You just have to be careful not to slip in heavy rain on wet leaves or already later, in winter, on snow and ice.

Sock boots

Sock boots are definitely a furore – very soft, comfortable to wear and comfortable. They go great with pants, skirts and dresses of different styles. They are also suitable for work. Interestingly, they come not only in traditional colors, but also in crazy ones, such as fuchsia, green, red or cobalt.

Platform and tractor sole boots

Finally, we could not miss another iconic model, namely boots, which have a thicker sole. Massive boots will allow you to stand firmly on the ground. You can perfectly break a delicate look with them, but in principle, they really go with everything.

And which boots will you buy?

main photo: unsplash.com/Tomas Lundahl

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