Capsule wardrobe in the edition of Scandinavian women

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Capsule wardrobe in the edition of Scandinavian women

In the closet of every Scandinavian woman you can find a whole lot of fashion inspiration. All this is due to the capsule closet they love. Thanks to their minimalist closet, they are able to create many timeless styles. Today, together we look into the closet of a woman from Scandinavia and check what is the secret of simple, yet original styling.

What is a capsule closet and why is it worth having one?

Capsule closet is part of the trend of fashion minimalism. It consists in having in your closet a maximum of a dozen items of clothing, from which you can create many sets for different occasions. Clothes should be as basic and versatile as possible.

With a capsule closet, the problem of “I have nothing to wear” does not exist. Even when we are in a hurry, we are able to quickly create a successful outfit. In addition, simple, basic clothes never go out of style and go with practically everything and for every occasion.

What is included in the capsule closet of Scandinavian women?


One of the basic items in the closet is the shirt. Women most often opt for shades of white or blue, as they are the easiest to match with other styling elements. A not inconsiderable advantage is that the shirt can be worn in many ways: buttoned up to the neck or unbuttoned, as a bedspread.


The climate of chilly Scandinavia is definitely conducive to wearing all kinds of sweaters, including turtlenecks. They are most often worn with jeans, but Scandinavian women are also just as likely to match them with dresses and skirts. Both warm sweaters with thick collars and thinner turtlenecks, ideal for office styling, for example, reign supreme in closets.

Suit pants

What every Scandinavian woman considers a must-have in her closet are suit pants. They gladly wear them for their everyday outfits, pairing them with a classic shirt, turtleneck or crop top. For elegant outings, all you need to do is match them with the right jacket for a classic and tasteful styling.


A blazer may or may not be paired with suit pants. It is an ideal part of a capsule closet, as it can play a central role in more than one styling. It goes great with jeans, a suit or even a dress, among other things. Opt for a jacket in a neutral color, and you will certainly appreciate its presence in your closet more than once.

Ramon jacket

Basic styling does not have to be boring at all. In the capsule closet of Scandinavian women there is a place for a ramonesque jacket, which will add clamor to many an outfit. This is a versatile jacket: it can be worn both with an elegant dress and for everyday wear with tracksuits. Scandinavian women especially like to show off in jeans, a white blouse and a black leather jacket. Basic styling can be impressive too!


The presence of jeans in the combination of capsule closet clothes should not surprise anyone. They are timeless pants, loved all over the world. They can be worn all year round. What cut and color we decide on is up to us. Scandinavian women most often opt for shades of blue, although there is also no shortage of broken white.

Striped sweaters and blouses

Stripes are by far the favorite pattern of Scandinavian women. They gladly put on blouses and sweaters with stripes. As you can see, a capsule closet is not only uniform clothes. You can successfully smuggle a bit of pattern into it. Black and white and navy stripes are absolute classics that will never go out of fashion!

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