I have nothing to wear! Solve this dilemma with the 80:20 rule

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I have nothing to wear! Solve this dilemma with the 80:20 rule

“I have nothing to wear!” is a phrase that every woman has uttered at least once in her life. And all you have to do is apply the 80:20 rule – don’t you know it? Here it is

A closet full of clothes, and the thought “I don’t have anything to wear” keeps nagging at your mind. To deal with this problem, it is worth to apply the 80:20 rule. Many women still don’t know it, which is a pity, because it is very simple and when put into practice allows to forget about the clothing problem. The method is as follows:

80% basic + 20% trend = 100% perfect styling.

What it’s all about Well, it’s worth ensuring that 80% of the contents of your closet – and therefore the vast majority of it – are clothes that are versatile and timeless. Classics which were, are and will be in fashion. Such clothes can be worn “to wear out”. So it is about blue, fitted jeans, black jacket, white, fitted t-shirt, little black, classic stilettos, etc. Experts recommend that in the case of such clothes we should bet on their quality, so that they will serve us really long

The remaining 20% of closet should be fashionable clothes, in line with current trends of the season, which will give character to each of our styling. This means, for example, mustard cardigans, bags in powder pink, pleated skirts, etc.

With a closet like this, there’s always “something to wear” because you can mix and match clothes any way you like and, most importantly, you can be sure that you look great in them!

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