Jackets for the transitional period – what models to hunt for at the sales?

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Jackets for the transitional period – what models to hunt for at the sales?

Summer is coming to an end, and autumn is fast approaching. Mornings and evenings are already cool, so it is good to stock up on a jacket for this period. What model to choose so that we are neither too cold nor too hot, and look really stylish? We suggest which jackets are worth hunting for in this year’s sales!

What should be the perfect transitional jacket?

To choose your ideal transitional jacket, think about what you will actually use it for most often. If you spend time actively – running, biking, walking, hiking in the mountains – a sports jacket will be ideal. If you are looking for a jacket suitable for work or meetings with friends, bet on this season’s fashionable trenches, bomber jackets and rampons.

What sports jacket for the transitional period?

When choosing the ideal sports jacket for the transitional period, it is worth paying attention to several important points. First of all, it should be functional, that is, it should be ideal for wearing both during an outing in the mountains and for meetings with friends. It is important that it is sewn from waterproof and windproof materials, so it will provide you with excellent thermal comfort. Its indispensable elements are a hood and welts on the wrists.

Which transitional jacket for everyday use?

If you are looking for an everyday transitional jacket, choose one that is sewn from good quality material. Then it will serve you for many years. Also pay attention to its size, it’s good for it to be slightly loose – you’ll appreciate the onion garment on colder days. As for the color, choose one that is in line with current trends and matches your beauty type.

What transitional jacket is worth buying on sale?

The sale season is the perfect time to buy a transitional jacket. We suggest which models are fashionable this year, and, by the way, will also serve in the following years.

Quilted jacket

Quilted jackets are ideal for the transitional period, as they are warm and thin. They do not deform the silhouette, as is often the case with outer garments. Quilted jackets have not gone out of fashion for many years now, so this is a purchase that will serve you for seasons to come as well. If you still opt for a neutral color scheme, you can be sure that it will be a timeless garment.


The trench is a closet staple for many women. It is a versatile coat that can be worn both for elegant outings and everyday walks. The purchase of a trench is an investment for many years. Every woman looks extremely stylish and chic in it. The belt will emphasize your waist, and if you want to add a touch of nonchalance to your styling, wear the trench unbuttoned.

Bomber jacket

Bomber jacket is a fashion hit of recent years. It looks good on almost every figure. It is ideal for changing weather, as it is warm, but thin at the same time. You can easily match it with both pants and skirts and dresses. Depending on the design you choose, it can look good for both casual and elegant outings.

Ramon jacket

The fashion for it was started by motorcyclists and heavy music fans. However, it quickly gained popularity among fashion lovers. Ramoneska is another jacket model that can be considered timeless. It is ideal for the transitional period and even late autumn and winter – as a jacket. The classic ramoneska is black, but nothing prevents you from going wild with colors and opt for a model in a different shade.

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