Sports shoes for spring – which models of sneakers are the most fashionable this season?

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Sports shoes for spring – which models of sneakers are the most fashionable this season?

Spring is the time when heavy winter shoes are replaced with comfortable ones. Both ladies and men prefer sneakers, the cult version of sneakers. We suggest which models will be fashionable this season.

Perfect choice for spring – sports shoes

On the footwear market there are more and more versions of the cult sports shoes. Sneakers, ankle-length sneakers, models reaching beyond the ankle and sneakers. The latter are becoming more and more popular. This is because of their construction and the fact that they cushion the feet very well. This type of footwear is suitable for everyday wear and elegant outings. They go well with different outfits because they match both jeans combined with a jacket, elegant overalls and sports clothes. Ladies can also wear sneakers with skirts of different lengths. 

Coloured sports shoes will be at the forefront of the spring 2022 season because the current trend is dopamine dressing. It’s all about dressing to boost your mood and feel the positive aura around you all day long. 

Colorful, energizing sneakers – the hit of spring 2022

Fashion likes to come back like a boomerang, which is why platform sports shoes are back in style just like they were at the end of the 1990s. The seemingly massive sneakers are very light and comfortable. They are certainly an interesting alternative to low and flat sole sneakers or classic sneakers. This model of footwear goes well with bell-bottoms, i.e. pants with wide legs, which, after years of absence on the clothing market, are again liked by many people. Sneakers on platforms can also be worn with leggings, although they will look better on owners of fairly slim and shapely legs.

Sneakers with high tops are another model that this spring will love many people. This type of footwear triumphed in the 1980s, especially among metalheads, while a decade later it was worn by basketball players and a few years later by American rappers. Today, the model of these sneakers is loved by young people. I will be fashionable in almost any color, even very bright.

There are also unisex sneakers, which means that there is no clear difference between shoes for men and women. Ladies and men can freely wear the same models of sports shoes. This is a really hot trend!

Retro sneakers are also a hit this fall. On the footwear market you will find shoes made of oriental material, as well as sneakers with mesh or reflective elements, which were fashionable several years ago. Such models were very popular in the early 2000s. They are suitable for any physical activity. You can also safely wear them on friendly outings.

Remember to choose shoes according to the shape of your foot and to ensure its comfort. Badly chosen shoes can do a lot of damage.

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