Eau de toilette and eau de parfum – what is the difference?

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Eau de toilette and eau de parfum – what is the difference?

Perfume is a product that should be in every cosmetic bag. In perfumeries we can find eau de toilette, perfumed waters and perfumes. What exactly is the difference between them?


This is the most persistent and intense fragrance composition. What distinguishes perfumes available on store shelves is the fact that their composition contains essential oils in concentrations ranging from 20 to 43%. This translates into their high price. Perfumes can rarely be found in drugstores or beauty stores. They are available in specialized perfumeries. The intensity of such cosmetics makes it sufficient to use only a few drops to keep them on our skin throughout the day. Perfume is a great idea for a gift that will appeal to every woman


Perfumed water

This type of product is marked as EDP. The characteristic feature of perfumed water is the presence of aromatic oils in concentrations ranging from 10 to 15%. This makes it much more durable than eau de toilette. Prices of this type of products start at several dozen PLN.

Eau de toilette

On the packaging of such products you can find the designation EDT. Eau de toilette smells slightly more delicate than perfumed water, which is due to the concentration of oils at the level of 5-10%. Cosmetics of this type are perfect for the summer season because they are extremely refreshing, so they do not overwhelm with their strong scent. Be aware of the fact that eau de toilette and perfumed water may differ in their aroma. This is due to the reformulation process, i.e. refreshing the fragrance


Eau de Cologne

A product of this type is marked as EDC. Most of us associate cologne with a product for men. Interestingly, in the early 17th century it was also used by women. Its name comes from the place where it was originally produced. The founder of the world’s first cologne factory in Cologne was Johann Maria Farina

Refreshing water

Another of the fragrance products has an EDF designation on its packaging. Refreshing water is ideal for physically active people. It contains citrus oils in 1-3% concentration. The aroma of the cosmetic effectively refreshes the skin after a workout.


On the shelves of cosmetic stores you can also find products marked as water (eau). These are light products with a pleasant aroma and low persistence. They are a good solution for lovers of subtle fragrances.


This is the last of the available solutions. This product is designed exclusively for men. What distinguishes it is the content of essential oils at a level of 2-4%. This cosmetic is also characterized by a low content of ethyl alcohol. This makes it possible to apply it to the face without worrying about the unpleasant burning sensation. The aftershave leaves a subtle, refreshing aroma on the skin.


Architecture of perfumes

Perfumed cosmetics develop on the skin in 3 stages. Each of them is characterized by a different time of oxidation and action.

Immediately after opening the flacon, the head note is perceptible. At first, it is very intense, but its aroma quickly evaporates. The head note can be smelled for about 15 to 30 minutes. The next note is the heart note, which can be felt after about 10 minutes after using the perfume. It usually consists of floral and spicy aromas. After about 20 minutes, the base note, also called a note of depth, begins to be perceptible. It is what determines the nature of the fragrance. It remains on the skin even for several hours.

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