How to erase enlarged pores? Find out effective ways!

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How to erase enlarged pores? Find out effective ways!

Dilated pores are the bane of many women. Women with oily, combination or acne-prone skin are prone to this type of problem. Genetics is equally often responsible for them. Unfortunately, enlarged pores often look unsightly as they accumulate excess sebum and sebum, which leads to their clogging.

Dilated pores – their causes

The presence of pores on the face is quite natural. They allow the skin to function properly and allow toxins to be expelled from contaminated skin. Some people have very few pores, others have larger pore diameters – genetics is largely responsible for this. However, enlarged pores are often caused by improper skin care and excessive sebum production. Here are some simple ways to deal with enlarged pores

  1. Proper skin care is essential

We are talking about daily, thorough makeup removal. For enlarged pores it is worth using cosmetics and treatments that will unblock them, i.e. release the accumulated dirt from them and then shrink them. It should be remembered that a huge mistake is to use certain oils for this purpose, because they hinder the exfoliation of the epidermis. Products based on natural oils do no harm, but they must be washed off thoroughly with a cleanser. The main thing is that the oily layer of cosmetics should not remain on the face longer than necessary. Clearing clogged pores is not the easiest task. First of all, a lot of patience and persistence is needed here. It is important not to worsen the condition of your skin and not to allow more pores to become clogged

  1. Apply a smoothing makeup base

The purpose of a makeup base is to even out the skin’s surface, cover imperfections and reduce the appearance of pores. After applying it, your complexion should have an even texture. When applying makeup base, do not mix it with foundation as this mixture may clump together. You should first apply the product, wait until it is absorbed and then apply foundation or fluid on your face. Do not forget to remove your makeup thoroughly in the evening. Foundation and base are quite heavy products that can clog your skin.

  1. Apply foundation with a brush

At this point, it is very important to choose the right foundation for your face. It is essential if you want your makeup to look sensational and your face to be smooth. If foundations are too heavy for our skin, then it is recommended to mix them with good moisturizing creams or to choose a coloring cream, which is much less heavy on the skin. If you want to hide enlarged pores, you should apply the product properly. It is best to do it with a brush. It brings much better effect – the foundation is evenly applied in a thin layer. While applying the cosmetic, do not forget about the earlobes, the wings of the nose and the corners of the mouth. Make sure that the foundation does not stand out unsightly from the neck

  1. Finally, apply smoothing powder

Powder fixes your makeup and evens out the surface of your skin, so it is a good idea to use it if you want to effectively hide enlarged pores. When choosing a product, be guided by its consistency. For problematic skin we recommend products in the form of the finest dust. They do not settle in the hollows of your skin and do not weigh it down. In the case of enlarged pores mineral powders work great, which can be applied on the face without foundation. Not wanting to buy a cosmetic, you can create your own. Just mix silica, silicone microspheres or silk powder. The cosmetic is applied with a wide brush. Just one layer is enough to make your complexion look smooth and radiant

  1. Which cosmetics should I avoid?

When caring for skin with enlarged pores, all cosmetics that clog them should be avoided. It is better to get rid of all products containing parabens and preservatives from your cosmetics bag. When putting on makeup it is recommended to avoid strong highlighters, shiny polishes and glitter – these products can accentuate enlarged pores

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