How to buy original perfumes more cheaply?

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How to buy original perfumes more cheaply?

While perfume is certainly the shopping addiction of many of us, unfortunately it is the most expensive cosmetics on the market. A flacon of good perfume costs about several hundred zlotys, although there are also more expensive ones. How to buy perfumes so as not to burden our wallet too much, and at the same time not to cut ourselves on fakes?

Buying perfume at a lower price – what to pay attention to in order not to buy a fake?

Buying perfume at a lower price, we can unfortunately come across fakes. Their manufacturers try to deceptively imitate the packaging of the original fragrance, so that it is impossible to recognize the counterfeit at first glance. However, there are several rules that will help us avoid a wrong purchase.

Too low a price

Although this article advises how to buy an original perfume cheaply, too low a price should turn on a warning light in your head. Buying an original product for only a fraction of the price is unlikely to happen. There are price thresholds, calculated on the basis of wholesale prices, below which you can not buy original perfume.

The appearance of the packaging

A keen eye will immediately distinguish original packaging from counterfeit. It is said that the devil is in the details, and there is a lot of truth in this. When looking at perfume packaging, it is worth paying attention to the details. Sometimes a single letter, font, shade or size can make a fake package different from the original one. So it’s a good idea to compare each wall of the carton with the authentic box.

The appearance of the flacon

If the packaging does not arouse our reservations, it does not mean that we are dealing with an original product. It is still necessary to look at the flacon. The rules are similar: the shape, color, size and font must not differ. It is also worth paying attention to the way the bottle and atomizer are made. Manufacturers of original perfumes make the greatest efforts to ensure that the packaging is of the highest quality.


Manufacturers of perfumes offer them in certain capacities. Some of them we can buy in 30, 50, 100 ml bottles, and others in 60, 75 and 125 ml. This important detail can protect us from buying a counterfeit.


Finally, the most important issue is the fragrance. Counterfeit perfumes are one-dimensional. They smell only one fragrance note, which lasts briefly on our skin. In an original perfume, we can sense three notes, which are released gradually. We can smell the first one immediately after application, the second and third only after a few hours.

How, when and where to buy cheap original perfume?

Proven online drugstores

It has been known for a long time that online shopping is much more cost-effective than stationary ones. Online stores do not have to at least bear the costs of running a stationary store, maintaining employees, etc. When buying perfume from an online drugstore, pay attention to other customers’ reviews, so you won’t come across a fake.

Promotions and sales

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day… There are many occasions in the year that favor perfume price reductions. It’s worth following the social media profiles of your favorite stationary or online drugstore, and you certainly won’t miss seasonal discounts.

Second-hand shopping

For some, perfume may turn out to be an unsuccessful gift or simply a certain scent gets boring after time. That’s why it’s worth hunting for perfumes on online sales platforms. Sometimes there is little use of the product, and the price is even halved. However, you need to be careful not to come across a fake.

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