How can you rejuvenate yourself with blush?

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How can you rejuvenate yourself with blush?

Current makeup tricks give a lot of room for improvement. Make-up experts from all over the world outdo each other in inventing new trends. You can slim your face, make your nose smaller, create a foxy eye, which is currently very fashionable. Well done makeup is able to completely change the face. And can it also rejuvenate it?

How to do a blush makeup?

Until now this little beauty product was underestimated as a natural blush imitator. Now we know that it can have a beneficial effect on our appearance. It is important to properly use blush and choose its color. But it is not easy.

One color of blush may not be enough, because the shade of our skin changes throughout the year. The perfect blush should look natural and match our complexion.

Each of us represents a different type of beauty, to which we need to match an equivalent from the makeup palette. The same applies to shadows, foundations and powders, as well as bronzers and blushes.

Incorrectly chosen color product will make your face look artificial, and thus not very attractive.

Skillfully executed makeup should, above all, emphasize beauty. Women’s skin has two basic shades – cold and warm, which are additionally maintained in different tones.

This is what determines a well-chosen blush, which should be neither too strong nor bland.

This product not only emphasizes natural colors, but also allows to achieve a healthy look, when our skin is tired and lacks expression.

For cool skin tones, a blush with a light purple tinge, a soft rose color or an intense pink will work best. If you have a warm complexion, go for peach and light beige. If you have a porcelain complexion, apricot blush is a good choice.

Different blush versions

Blush comes in several forms: liquid, pressed, powder and cream. The method of application depends on its consistency. In the case of the pressed and loose version a brush will work well. However, cream and liquid variants require a sponge or the use of fingers.

Recently there have also appeared blushes in sticks, which can be applied directly on the face and then smeared with a finger.

It is worth mentioning that loose and liquid cosmetics work better in the summer because they do not leave an oily layer. Liquid ones set on the face and do not smudge at all. The best blushers are the ones that you can use to apply blush to your lips.

What are ideal brushes for loose and pressed blushes? It is best to choose those cut on one or two sides. This shape is perfect for highlighting your cheekbones. What else makes them different? They are smaller than those for powder, thanks to which they are more precise. Try these two shapes to find the right brush for your individual needs.

How to apply blush properly

On one hand, where you apply blush is obvious. However, makeup trends are changing and now blush can be applied to more than just the cheeks. It can also be applied to the tip of the nose and temples. And it’s not so easy on the cheeks.

Here’s a proven trick: Smile widely in front of the mirror to accentuate the area where blusher looks best. This is, of course, the top of your cheek. It’s important not to overdo it and avoid applying it under your eyes.

Another way is to place two dots on the tip of your nose, which will mark the line where you apply the product. It will find its place between the highlighter and bronzer. With these makeup tricks, you can be sure that you will get a youthful and fresh look.

Also, the shine on the cheeks is of great importance. Blushes can be found in matte and shimmery versions. The choice depends on the time of day and the occasion. For evening, a highlighted look will be ideal, while for everyday a matte look will be perfect.

It is worth remembering that in order for blush to subtract and not add years, it has to be properly chosen and used in moderation. In addition, method number two will make the facial skin appear more lifted.

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