How to use cosmetic kerosene on hair?

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How to use cosmetic kerosene on hair?

If you have problems with dry and damaged hair strands, it is essential to reach for remedies that will save them. This is where kerosene wax comes in.

What is kerosene and why should you use it?

Cosmetic kerosene has been used for years. Still not everyone looks at it with a favorable eye. This is largely due to its origin, as it is a substance created in the process of distillation of peat or crude oil. It is therefore liquid paraffin. It has no nutritional value for hair. However, it can be enriched with, among other things, plant extracts and oils, which are used to shine and soften hair strands. The oil is a common ingredient in hair creams and lotions.

What effects does kerosene oil have?

Kerosene is not meant for everyday use but it is definitely worth reaching for in case of an emergency to improve the appearance of your hair strands. It prevents such things as static and frizzy hair. Kerosene will protect the outer layers of your hair and keep water from evaporating from the surface. The result is softened and shiny strands.

How to use kerosene wax on hair?

The effect of cosmetic kerosene on hair should not last longer than 10 minutes. Avoid applying the kerosene directly onto the scalp as this will irritate it. How to use it? Simply rub a small amount of kerosene into your hair and after a maximum of 10 minutes wash it off with a shampoo. You can add to the kerosene capsules containing vitamin E, aloe vera gel or a small number of drops of castor oil. This will enhance the effect of the substance and help smooth the hair and close the hair cuticle.

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