Top 5 cute earrings, not just for special occasions!

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Top 5 cute earrings, not just for special occasions!

Earrings are a striking addition to any outfit. The smaller ones emphasize the oval of the face, while the longer ones slenderize the neck

Depending on the model of earrings can be classic or extravagant. Classic emphasize the beauty of clothing, while extravagant are an unusual finish to an outfit or its breakthrough. What kind of earrings are currently in fashion? Check below

1. Oval, hanging earrings

These are longer, hanging earrings in the shape of an oval. In the round elements are placed shiny stones. The ornament may be a composition of two interconnecting circles or a single oval placed on a short link. They look best in silver color. Available in Pandora and Guess stores.

2. Long earrings with sparkling stones

They are a very glamorous accessory. They slenderize the neck and add elegance to the outfit. In fashion there are long, classic earrings adorned with bright zircons. They look great when combined with evening dresses or decorative shirts. To buy in Apart, Yes, Pandora stores

3. Post earrings with a decorative logo

This is a great way to sneak the logo of the manufacturer into delicate accessories. In the middle of the earrings there is the logo of the company adorned with silver zircons. The earrings are perfect for everyday outfits. Available at Guess chain stores

4. Earrings in the shape of angel wings

Earrings of this shape are a source of optimism. They look best in silver color and decorated with many silver zircons. They are small but thanks to their shape they are striking

5. Earrings adorned with natural stones

Natural stones have interesting shapes and colors. More and more often they are added to jewelry. No wonder that earrings with framed stones are a hit of this season. Fittings come in silver and gold. On the ears they look amazing, providing an unusual addition to styling.

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