Perfume for summer days. Which fragrance notes to choose?

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Perfume for summer days. Which fragrance notes to choose?

The right scent enhances your mood, brings back memories and highlights your unique personality. But you can’t use the same perfume all year round. Check how to choose the perfect perfume for summer.

What fragrance to choose for the summer?

When buying a perfume, make sure that it fits your lifestyle, character and creation. Also remember that temperature greatly affects the smell – when it is hot, it evaporates faster

Too strong perfume can overwhelm in the summer, so look for lighter and more refreshing fragrances in the warmer months. If you want to feel refreshed and energized, look out for energetic citrus notes such as green tea and citrus fruits. If you are romantic and dreamy, floral notes like rose, lily, jasmine or tuberose are sure to appeal to you

Summer scents are great for cooling your skin and lifting your spirits. Unfortunately, they can evaporate faster, so carry a bottle of your favorite perfume in your purse. Remember that the best citrus-based fragrances are enhanced with woody, floral and fruity notes, thanks to which they will stay on your skin longer.

Original perfume for summer

Interestingly, there are some scents that are immediately associated with tropical heat, such as coconut and pineapple. These notes will work perfectly in summer fragrances. Additionally, if you choose a tropical perfume that reminds you of last year’s vacation, you will instantly put yourself in a good mood.

When buying a cosmetic, do not think only about the smell. Also pay attention to the formula and application method. Think about eau de toilette (EDT), which has a lower concentration of fragrance oils than eau de parfum (EDP). You can also look for perfumed lotions. Just make sure the sunscreen is unscented so it doesn’t dampen the scent of the lotion

What fragrance notes to avoid on hot days?

In the winter, you may want to look for rich, warm fragrances. In summer, stay away from heavy floral blends, sweet aromas, vanilla and oriental ingredients. Also pay attention to the base notes – on hot days sandalwood will be perfect.

How to extend the life of a perfume?

If you want the smell to last longer, try a body gel and lotion from a selected perfume line. Also consider other personal care products. Alternatively, you can use unscented gel and skip moisturizers with intense scents so that the perfume doesn’t have to compete with different liquids and concoctions

Try a fragrance based on a single note

Most fragrances develop over time, but the heat can speed up the process, leading to unpleasant combinations of notes or a nice aroma that only lasts a few minutes. In addition, complex compositions in the summer can overwhelm you. So pay attention to perfumes based on a single note, such as lavender, vanilla, ylang-ylang (scented berry), or jasmine. They have more staying power, and you know what to expect.

The best men’s perfume for summer

In the summer, men can confidently reach for citrus scents. They will give them energy for the whole day and motivate them to act. Refreshing, aquatic perfumes are also very popular. Oceans and lakes have distinctive scents, and manufacturers are able to recreate them with modern ingredients. One of the most common ingredients is Calone, which can smell like the ocean, oysters or melon

Some brands offer special “for summer” versions. Good examples are CK One Summer and Terre d’Hermės. Such perfumes are lighter and fresher, while retaining the original essence. To achieve this effect, manufacturers often replace the heavier, stronger notes with more spicy or juicy (tangerine, grapefruit and melon) or refreshing (mint and ginger) ones. You will easily recognize these cosmetics by the terms Eau Fraîche or été. This is the perfect solution for men who do not want to give up their favorite scent, but look for something more appropriate for the season

Just remember not to use perfume while sunbathing or relaxing on the beach. Some ingredients can react to the sun’s rays, causing skin sensitivity and hyperpigmentation.

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