The most effective products for hair growth

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The most effective products for hair growth

Do you want long, beautiful hair and are wondering which cosmetics and supplements to reach for? In this article we share with you our knowledge of products that are effective, convenient to use and relatively inexpensive. Find out how easy it is to grow your hair!

Do you want to grow your hair? You need to know this!

Some of us prefer short hairstyles, others are more comfortable in shoulder length, while another can’t imagine not having long curls. On average, our hair grows from 1 to 1.5 centimeters per month. We can speed up this process, which we will discuss in more detail shortly, while we can also have the opposite effect. 

Frayed, split ends, burned by unskillful coloring or use of a straightener or curling iron will not look beautiful. So we need to get rid of them, preferably at the hairdresser’s. Only after the haircut will be the perfect time to take various supplements and use specific cosmetics.

Supplements for hair growth 

To begin with – diet. Yes, it is the diet that has a huge impact not only on the skin or nails, but also on the hair. And so the daily menu should include oily fish, spinach, broccoli, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, nuts, legumes, cereals and whole grain bread. Drinking yeast – or consuming it in supplement form, in tablets – also gives good results.

As we know, it is difficult with diet alone to provide hair with all the necessary nutrients. That’s why field horsetail, flaxseed, nettle, silicon, zinc, iron and biotin, or vitamin B7, will be useful for replenishing deficiencies. After about a month, the first results should appear.

Cosmetics to stimulate hair follicles to grow

Before reaching for cosmetics for hair growth, let’s take care of the scalp. It should be neither irritated nor dried out. After all, this is where our new hair grows. Therefore, scrubs for the scalp are becoming increasingly popular, which, combined with a massage, will perfectly cleanse everything and stimulate circulation. 

If you’re concerned about growing hair, invest in herbal rubs – but ones that don’t have alcohol in their composition. Add to that silicone-free shampoos, conditioners after every wash and masks once a week.

We can also speed up hair growth with home remedies. To prepare a mask you need three eggs mixed with a tablespoon of oil. Spread the whole thing over your scalp, and after 20 minutes rinse thoroughly. An apple cider vinegar rinse works similarly – pour ¼ cup into ¾ cup of water and rub it into wet strands. We also recommend cayenne pepper. Mix a teaspoon of pepper with two teaspoons of olive oil, and apply only to problem areas, where hair is thinning – for example, at the temples.

Finally, still remember not to wash your hair in hot water, not to go to bed with wet hair, but at the same time not to dry it with a hot fan. Just as important is regular combing of the hair, which will help stimulate circulation, but also cleanse the scalp and hair from dirt accumulated during the day. 

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