Make up no make up – the perfect solution for home office times

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Make up no make up – the perfect solution for home office times

In the age of coronavirus, most people have moved from offices to home with their work. Face-to-face meetings are replaced by video conferencing, and that’s when you need to present yourself. What make-up will work best?

Remote working during the global coronavirus epidemic is very popular. Many people perform their professional duties at home. Typical meetings with co-workers or clients have been replaced by chats and video conferencing. Besides, experts advise against sitting at a computer in your pajamas and with disheveled hair. For the sake of your own well-being, it’s worth preparing yourself somehow and taking care of yourself, even if no one will see you

Make-up as if there was no make-up

For work at home the so called “make-up no make-up” will work, that is make-up which is almost invisible. In recent months it is a real hit. It makes us feel better and more attractive, which has a huge impact on our mental comfort. And what’s more, it is perfect for a quick and unexpected outing. How to do it? It is worth replacing a heavy, masking foundation with a light illuminating cream or BB or CC cream. If you do not complain about the state of your skin, you can even give up foundation altogether. In addition, it is worth reaching for the recently fashionable illuminating creams, which will give our skin a fresh and healthy look. We cover our eyelashes lightly, taking care not to stick them together. We emphasize our eyebrows with gel, pomade or crayon but we keep their natural look and shape. Thin eyebrows are no longer fashionable, so do not pluck them too much. Finally, apply lipstick with your fingertips for a very subtle look or a touch of gloss and you’re done!

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