Perfume that will stay with you for longer? Meet the top 3 fragrances!

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Perfume that will stay with you for longer? Meet the top 3 fragrances!

Getting ready for an important event and want to smell dizzy all night long? Or maybe you are going out on a date with your lover and you would like your fragrance to stay on after an hour? It’s perfect, because we have proposals of three perfumes that will stay with you until the morning!

We all know it: we put on our favorite perfume before an important night out and after an hour or two it’s gone so quickly that we can barely smell it. Fortunately, on the perfume market you can also find a real powerhouses! And this does not mean that if you want to smell for a long time you have to give up delicate floral notes in favor of strong and heavy scents.

Versace Crystal Noir

The fruity-oriental character of this perfume will wrap and then warm up your senses. This effect is possible thanks to perceptible spicy notes such as ginger, cardamom and pepper. Femininity and romance are added by gardenia, peony and orange flower. This is a fragrance that stays in your memory for a long time and becomes a kind of business card of the person who uses it. No wonder that this perfume is addressed to self-confident and charismatic women with class.

Source materials from Sephora

Lancôme, Trésor La Nuit

This incredibly seductive pinch-floral fragrance was inspired by the black diamond in which it was encased. It seduces and awakens the senses with a unique blend that includes notes of rose petals and orchid. A pinch of mystery is added by the smell of incense and patchouli, which perfectly penetrate and complement the sweet aromas of pralines and lychee. What is important, the perfume is long-lasting and constitutes a perfectly balanced composition – it is neither too heavy, nor too delicate.

Materials from Sephora store

Guerlain, Insolence

Girlish and romantic, this is how the charming Insolence fragrance can be described in two words. It is a perfect perfume for those who love floral and fruity scents. The head notes are raspberries, red berries and bergamot, which intoxicate the senses and encourage to enjoy them all day long. The fruity euphoria is followed by the heart notes of violet, rose and orange which make you feel like it’s summer even on winter days. The whole is based on an extremely romantic base of iris, sandalwood, musk and tonka bean.

Source materials from Sephora

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