How do I comb my short curly hair?

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How do I comb my short curly hair?

Short haircuts are very popular these days. No wonder: Drying and styling short hair is quick and easy. How should short curly hair be styled? How should you look after it? Here are some helpful hints for every curly hair owner

Short Curly Hair and Its Benefits

Why should you decide to cut your curly hair short? Here are the main advantages:

  • they take only a few minutes to dry and style,
  • short hair allows you to create original and trendy hairstyles within a few minutes
  • they give you confidence,
  • they let you stand out from the crowd,
  • it draws attention to your face and your jewelry,
  • a strong cut is an excellent first step towards an intensive hair regeneration,
  • they cool the head, which is great for hot summer days.

Who wears short-cut curly haircuts best?

  • if you have dry, damaged or highly porous strands, a short cut will improve the condition of your hair and make it easier to care for your hair every day,
  • women who want to revert to their natural hair color,
  • girls with a small face with interesting features,
  • women whose face is wider at the bottom than at the top,
  • people with a regular head shape.

Combing Short Curly Hair – Some Practical Tips

How should short curly hair be styled?

  1. After shampooing you should work styling mousse into the hair to keep the hair in shape and bouncy.
    Use a blow-dryer with diffuser attachment to dry the hair. It is best to blow-dry short curly hair with your head hanging down. This is the best way to create soft and bouncy waves. Simply run your fingers through your hair afterwards.
  2. Regular trimming is essential to keep the curly short hair manageable. Layered cuts are a good solution for this purpose. The hair style for short curly hair should be chosen with consideration to the type of curl, the curl density and the natural curl pattern.
  3. Short curly hair should only be brushed when it is wet. A wide-toothed wooden comb or a brush with coarse spikes works best. Dry combing of curly hair may result in excessive frizz.

What Cosmetics for Short Curly Hair?

How do you keep the sleek look of short curly hair? The right cosmetics products help to achieve this. What should you consider when choosing the right products? They should not contain SLS, SLES, paraffin, mineral oils or hardly washable silicones. The best solution here are products with the shortest, most natural formulas possible.

The ideal shampoo for short curly hair is gentle and will not cause damage to the hair’s sensitive structure. Its composition may include mild detergents such as lauryl glucoside, coconut glucoside or soapwort. In addition, shampoo for curly hair should contain various plant and herbal extracts, oils and moisturizers such as proteins, glycerin or honey.

A conditioner or mask is also a must for curly hair. They should contain d-panthenol or hyaluronic acid, which are known for their moisturizing properties. Such products may also contain oils, silk proteins or vitamins.

Atreatment that works well for short hair is combining a shampoo and conditioner in one wash. How do I do this? First apply a cleansing conditioner, then a mild shampoo and finally a rich final treatment.

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