Shoes for every day and for great outings – 3 models that you should have

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Shoes for every day and for great outings – 3 models that you should have

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It is popularly said that women are divided into two types – those who love handbags and those who love shoes. Though it is just a saying, there is a grain of truth in it. Often, even though the shoe cupboard is full, when it comes to choosing shoes for a particular outfit, it turns out that there is no single pair that will perfectly complete the look. See what models of shoes you should have in your closet, so that you always have something to put on your feet for different styles.

Ballerinas – shoes for pants and dresses

Ballerinas are a very popular type of women’s shoes. Years ago they conquered women’s hearts and stayed there for longer. Ballerinas are simply very versatile shoes that give you really a lot of styling options. Ballerina type shoes go with virtually everything. Sporty, everyday outfits will add delicate elegance, and they will not clash with a dress. Even for big outings they will be perfect, after all each of us for a wedding or a prom took a pair of ballerinas to her purse at least once to change from stilettos. Ballerinas come in many models and styles. They can be completely plain and simple, they can have stick-on flowers or bows, or even glitters. Thanks to this, any styling can be complemented with such shoes. Different variations on the theme of ballerinas allow unlimited possibilities to combine them with any style of dress.

Moccasins – an elegant and comfortable option for every day

If you need to dress more elegantly for work or are a fan of everyday elegance, moccasins are a must have in your closet. These shoes combine class and comfort and go well with pants and women’s suits. They also look great when worn with dresses or skirts, as they match perfectly with tights. Moccasins are usually shoes with embellishments, they have buckles, straps or chains that decorate their simple form. They also come in different variations that help you choose the perfect shoes for your styling needs. In shoe stores, moccasins are available on a completely flat sole, a delicate heel or a low stiletto, so depending on what you plan to do on a given day, you can choose the sole cut that is best for you. This type of shoe is usually made of natural or ecological leather or suede, so they keep your feet warm, despite the fact that they have a large cut and cover rather little.

Stilettos and high-heeled shoes – something for fun and for work

Every woman should have at least one pair of stilettos in her closet. They are incredibly versatile shoes that add elegance to even the most inconspicuous outfit. Stilettos can be comfortable too! Don’t choose models with a very high heel, pain in your feet caused by their position in a stiletto, because nobody walks all day on tiptoes. Just a few centimetres of height will optically lengthen your legs, force you to have a different, more upright posture and boost your self-confidence. That’s why we look better in stilettos. For weddings and other such dance parties, don’t rely on just one pair of high heels either. Stock up on lower stiletto shoes and flat ballerinas so you can go wild on the dance floor and have a great time all night long.

For women, shoes complement many outfits, adding elegance, class and style. When properly matched with a style, shoes make us look neat and appropriate. While for going to the store or walking the dog tennis shoes or sports shoes are the most appropriate choice, but for work or a bigger outing, it is worth having in your closet 3 pairs of more universal shoes

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