Birkenstock flip-flops – how to style them?

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Birkenstock flip-flops – how to style them?

Every fashion lover and fan of stylish footwear has surely heard of Birkenstock flip-flops. They were designed to serve as comfortable orthopedic flip-flops, but today they serve as a stylish addition to almost any summer outfit. Cork sole, thick straps and large metal buckles – where did the phenomenon of these flip-flops come from? Why is it worth having them in your closet? What to wear them with?

Birkenstock flip-flops – a worldwide phenomenon

The history of the Birkenstock brand dates back as far as 1774, when the first mention of German cobbler Johann Birkenstock appears in craft circles. Less than 100 years later, his great-grandson Konrad creates an innovative design for an orthopedic shoe insole and sells them in his two stores in Frankfurt. The product brings him extraordinary fame – Konrad is considered a specialist in his field and trains other shoemakers around the world.

Soon after, another product is created – the flagship cork sole. The Birkenstock family becomes experts in the field of healthy feet. Even doctors take their advice and opinions. In the early 1960s, the decision is made to start producing shoes. The first fire goes to the model of Madrid flip-flops, which immediately wins a lot of fans.

Today Brikenstock sells the shoes in 90 countries. Although some say they are “ugly orthopedic shoes,” there is no denying that their popularity has not waned for many years. The models produced are adapted to current trends, while maintaining a high standard and full comfort. Shoes are made of natural materials such as latex milk, cork, jute yarn and rubber. They fit the foot perfectly and are ideal for summer.

Margot Fraser – American fashionista who popularized Birkenstock flip-flops

While vacationing in Germany in 1966, American fashionista Margot Fraser came across the now iconic Birkenstock flip-flops. She decided to take them to her homeland, where they quickly became the envy of her. The trend of fashionable orthopedic flip-flops was immediately picked up by hippies, who were enthralled by the simple design and eco-friendly production method. Soon others fell in love with the flip-flops, and this is how they reign on the feet of people around the world.

Birkenstock flip-flops perfect for dresses

Birkenstock flip-flops can be successfully worn with a summer airy dress. This is a comfortable alternative to stilettos. In such a look you can go both to the beach, a long walk, and an evening out with friends. Flip-flops will ensure that your feet will not get tired and hurt, and you will still look extremely stylish.

Nothing prevents you from wearing comfortable Birkenstock flip-flops also with skirts, such as pleated skirts. Add a black T-shirt and an oversize denim catana, and you’ll have a stylish and slightly feisty combination.

Birkenstock flip-flops for pants

Are you not comfortable with dresses? Birkenstock flip-flops will also go perfectly with pants. Fitted tube pants, airy cullots or comfortable shorts – these are just some of the cuts with which the flip-flops will look great. On top, put on a linen shirt or a loose white T-shirt to enjoy a comfortable summer outfit!

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