Shopping safely online – 6 rules you should follow

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Shopping safely online – 6 rules you should follow

Online shopping has become commonplace, especially in times of pandemonium. Fewer and fewer of us are distrustful of this form of shopping. Despite that, it is worth following a few rules and take care of your safety in the Internet. Here are safe practices recommended by e-shop.

1. Security certificate , that is credibility of on-line store

SSL certificate is a basis for a safe on-line store. It is a network protocol used for secure internet connections, which ensures confidentiality of transmitted information, e.g. customer data of an online store. How to check if the store has such a certificate? In the address bar of the browser you should see – https:// instead of the standard http://.

2. Check what is the store’s history

Customer trust and reputation are built over years. Before shopping, check the history of the online store, e.g. year of establishment, countries in which it operates, certificates or awards it has won. Also check what data the company publishes in social media. It is also worth reading the terms and conditions before you start a transaction.

3. See what are the opinions of other customers

The opinions of other customers are also important. Did you know that as many as 80 percent of buyers decide to use the offer of a store only on the basis of other people’s opinions? Check the Google search engine, which store has ratings and comments.

4. Payment methods

A safe and honest store should enable secure payment methods. A variety of available forms of payment promotes convenience and confirms the reliability and experience of an e-shop.

5. What are the costs and delivery time?

Check what are the overt and hidden costs of transactions – a trustworthy store places all the information about the final price of the product, delivery costs, as well as its time on the product card or on special subpages.

6. Precautions during a coronavirus

In times of pandemic, many stores post information about how they store goods or what procedures have been implemented due to coronavirus.

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