What to eat to strengthen your nails?

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What to eat to strengthen your nails?

Nails are very often damaged, especially by mechanical means. To prevent this, it is important not only to file them properly, but also to nourish them. The best nutrition we can give our nails comes from within, so by eating healthy, we are also taking care of the condition of our nails.

What foods strengthen our nails?

In order to strengthen your nails, you will need foods that have ingredients such as zinc, as well as iron and selenium in their composition. Zinc is responsible for strengthening the nails because it is one of their components. It makes the nails stronger and less brittle. This makes it less likely that the nails will begin to split. It also makes them grow faster and improves the appearance of the nail plate. Zinc has a positive effect on our nails. Thanks to it they are very strong and above all, they do not break so often. It can be found mostly in cereals, as well as in bran. To supplement our diet with zinc you should start eating, among others, oat bran and wheat bran

It is also very important to eat whole grain bread, which also has a positive effect on the appearance of our hair. Soybean sprouts and pumpkin seeds, which contain large amounts of zinc, have a very positive effect on the appearance of nails. Magnesium, which can be found in walnuts and almonds, also has a positive effect on the nail plate. Especially almonds have a high content of elements, such as zinc, which strengthen the nails and make them less brittle. To further strengthen them, it is also advisable to consume dairy products. Calcium, like zinc, strengthens nails and prevents them from becoming brittle. Large amounts of calcium can be found in dairy products. They include yellow cheeses and yogurts. Calcium is good for the bones because it strengthens them and is their building material. It is contained similarly to zinc in our nails, so in order to enjoy hard nails, it is worth consuming products with a high content of calcium


A diet full of vegetables and fruits is also very important for strengthening nails. Vitamins such as vitamin A and E make it much better to fight free radicals. They are the ones that lead to the degradation of healthy cells in the body. A very good way to strengthen your nails, and by the way your whole body, is to eat plenty of tomatoes, which contain lycopene, which has a positive effect on the condition of our skin. In order to lead a healthy lifestyle and strengthen nails, it is necessary to eat foods such as flaxseed, which also has a positive effect on our digestive system. In addition, you can include seafood in your diet, which also have very large amounts of zinc. For better nail health, it is worth convincing yourself to products that have silicon in them. One of them is fresh nettle. Although we associate this very popular weed more with unpleasant burns, it can prove to be an ideal food that will significantly strengthen the nail plate. It can be used to make spring salads, especially if we use fresh and young nettle leaves for them. It is also ideal in the form of an infusion. It is worth to soak our nails in nettle infusion, because it not only hardens the nail plate, but above all makes the cuticles around the nails regenerate faster and are not cracked.

What are the symptoms of deficiencies in our body?

By the appearance of the nail plate, you can tell that we have significant deficiencies in our body. Such symptoms include bright spots on the nails, especially transverse white stripes. If our diet is poor in vitamins, we can also notice that the nail plate is softer and the nails split quickly. If you make the right changes, you will definitely notice the strengthening of your nails, as well as their much faster growth

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