Denim total look – how to create it?

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Denim total look – how to create it?

Jeans clothes have been very fashionable for years. Not so long ago the total look in this edition was very passé. However, fashion is changing dynamically and once again makes a circle and denim in a total version is back in style. However, you need to know how to wear it properly. How to style this iconic fabric? Here are our tips!

Jeans at their best – how to create an interesting total look?

Jeans theoretically go with every outfit. It is a safe base, especially if we are talking about classic colors. But how to match jeans with jeans? This is a more difficult task, which is very popular this season. Every it-girl has worn this look at least once. We will show you how to style your outfit in a trendy yet unique way. We will also minimize the risk of making a mistake!

Different incarnations of the total look with jeans

Nowadays, there is a huge range of denim styles to choose from. Fashionable are mom, slim, high-waisted, bell-bottom and recently even hips! Therefore, matching them (not only to your figure) is becoming easier and easier. If you have problems with matching a particular shirt to your pants, or a corset with jeans, you can bet on overalls, which are also very fashionable. Simply add classic stilettos and a low up-do with a tight bun. You may like to complete your look with a denim motif baguette.

Playing with Denim Shades

Playing with colors and shapes is essential for creating a total look. This is particularly important when it comes to denim clothing. The top and bottom should go together to create a playful look. Of course, you may also shape your figure with darker shades. Over-the-knee denim coats also look interesting. Here there is also the issue of handling the form. As for colors, it is best if they are close to each other. So, if you choose a light-colored shirt, match it with light-colored pants, and so on. Follow this key.

Choose interesting accessories made of denim.

The denim total look goes well with accessories. You can match them to your outfit or use them as color accents. It all depends on your imagination. Handbags as well as hats and shoes look great with this look. You can even experiment with different strong colors as a distinctive element.

How about denim for an elegant look?

Did you know that denim can also be chic? Simply opt for classic combinations, such as fitted shirts and slightly flared high-waisted pants. Remember also that this material will be very elegant in its dark version. Opt for unique jackets in an interesting denim color and match it with classic black or light stilettos. We guarantee that it will be really stylish and comfortable.

However, avoid different thicknesses, colors or textures that may clash with each other and look unsightly – they will not create a total look.

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