Jennifer Aniston’s secret to looking youthful – 3 golden rules!

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Jennifer Aniston’s secret to looking youthful – 3 golden rules!

Learn Jennifer Aniston’s 3 simple skincare steps that keep the actress looking phenomenal.

  1. Moisturize

Moisturizing your facial skin is fundamental, but many people do not use moisturizers regularly. Jennifer stresses that she pays special attention to this step and has been using moisturizers since she was a teenager

“I think it’s because my mom warned me about it. She told me to moisturize my skin since I was 15 years old,” – reveals the actress

The “Friends” star’s favoritemoisturizer is made with natural ingredients, rich in soy and oat extracts

  1. Healthy complexion thanks to hydration

Adequate hydration of the body positively affects the work of internal organs, concentration, and as you can see on the example of Jennifer – a beautiful and fresh appearance. The star not once stressed that she tries to drink 3 liters of water every day. The secret of the actress’s beauty is a simple observance of the rules of a healthy lifestyle, such as drinking water, getting enough sleep and using creams with UV filters

  1. Daily physical activity

The last but not least step to a beautiful appearance is physical exercise, which improves the appearance of our skin, body and puts us in a good mood. Daily dose of endorphins, oxygenation of the body and firmer skin are just some positive sides of going to the gym or jogging in the park. What exercises does Jennifer Aniston choose?

“I like yoga and cardio, but I’m currently focusing on interval training. I think that confusing the muscles and constantly demanding something new from them is very important” – emphasizes the actress
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