How to curl your hair overnight?

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How to curl your hair overnight?

Curling your hair overnight is the perfect solution for all women who don’t want to waste time intricately creating waves after getting out of bed. How to achieve beautiful, romantic waves effortlessly? Here are some practical tips

Curling Your Hair at Night: Some helpful tips

What should you keep in mind when you want to curl your hair overnight? It is best not to do this on freshly shampooed hair. It is best to blow-dry your hair thoroughly as damp hair is more likely to become damaged when you sleep. A satin sleeping cap is a very helpful gadget. This cap effectively reduces friction between the hair and the pillow and prevents excessive frizz. It is also a good idea to get a satin pillowcase. Satin pillowcases help to prevent sleep-related hair damage.

Step by Step Curly Night Hair

Overnight curling is a great alternative to the use of a curling iron. The sleek look keeps gaining popularity because it is elegant, slimming, and sexy. This method is also suitable for anyone with damaged or thin hair. To get the perfect waves you first need to thoroughly comb your hair through its entire length and work mousse through it. Then roll your hair on curlers or use curling irons. In the morning, take the rollers out of your hair carefully and comb your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Finally, apply hair spray for hold.

However, this is not the only way to curl your hair at night. Alternatively, you may braid your hair as soon as you shampoo it. For a soft natural look the ends of your hair should be loosely pinned up. Thick scrunchies are best for this purpose. Hair elastics with metal elements may cause the hair to fall out.

Proven Ways to Curl Your Hair Without a Curling Iron

The quick and easy way to style your hair without using a curling iron is also helped by… a sock How to curl your hair this way step by step Use a pair of scissors to remove the finger space from the sock. Then roll the sock up so that it forms a thick scrunchy. Then tie your hair into a ponytail and dampen it with water. Put the sock through your hair, slide it all the way down, arrange the strands around the rubber band and roll them over it, wrapping them underneath. Go to bed and in the morning unroll your hair and comb it through with your fingers or thick hairspray.

Another unusual method of styling hair without a curling iron is to use an old, unwanted T-shirt. Cut the t-shirt into strips, comb your hair and moisten it slightly. Then place a strip of t-shirt at the end of a strand of hair and roll it up like a piece of papoose. Tie the ends together. Do the same with the remaining strips and hair. Wait an hour, unwind the strands and carefully comb through them with your fingers.

You can also create soft curls with the help of… a pencil. Work styling mousse through your entire dry hair. Then take a pencil, roll a strand of hair around it and secure it with a hair slide. This is how you secure the rest of your hair. Wait about 45 minutes, unfold and separate the curls with your fingers.

Those who prefer a pronounced thick curl may decide to use hair pins to create the curl. How does this work step by step? First work some styling mousse through your entire hair using a styling comb. Divide the foam into three equal parts, one at the bottom and two at the sides. Then roll the strands on your index finger and secure them with a bobby pin so that they resemble rings. Leave the hair in place for about an hour, carefully pull it out and comb it with your fingers to create more volume. Finally, spray your hair with hairspray.

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