What do I need for a hybrid manicure?

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What do I need for a hybrid manicure?

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Modern women are busy, busy and value convenience. We do not have time to paint our nails every third day or correct chipped nails. On the other hand, gel nail polishes damage and weaken the nail plate, which later causes the nails to split and break. The answer to these problems became a hybrid manicure, which combines the durability of gel with the delicacy of traditional nail polish, and additionally it can be done at home. See what you will need to do a hybrid manicure at home.

A lamp is the basis

The basic equipment you need to start your adventure with applying hybrid is a UV or LED lamp. Its light hardens and dries the hybrid varnish, which in everyday conditions remains in liquid form. Lamp for hardening hybrid varnish is an expense of tens to hundreds of zlotys, but their performance remains the same. The price of equipment mainly affects its durability and quality, cheaper lamps may require more frequent charging or longer working time to harden varnish. The bulbs in such a lamp may also burn out faster and not every model allows for bulb replacement. Therefore, it is best to choose a lamp from the middle price range

Without a lamp you can’t do any, even the most basic manicure. However, curing hybrid in the lamp is a huge plus for all those who love to play with patterns on nails. Because polish without intense LED or UV light does not set, you can change and correct the design without losing the previous layers of polish. This allows you to give free rein to your creativity and play around with your nails to create crazy designs

Primer, base, top, cleaner

Hybrid manicure is not only a colourful polish. For hybrid to stick to the nail and be long-lasting, you need to prepare the nail plate properly for the polish. Before applying hybrid polish you should degrease the nail plate, apply a primer, then the base coat, and only then the color. All these steps are unavoidable if you expect the effect, lasting for several weeks. After the application and hardening of color, we still apply a top coat, which is a colorless protective layer on top of the colored polish. Only after finishing a manicure with top coat it is ready and can be really durable. Top coat very often leaves after drying a characteristic, sticky layer, which must be removed with a cleaner.

Color lacquers and effects

The last important element of a hybrid manicure is the hybrid varnish itself, which will decorate your hands with its color for several weeks. NeoNail cosmetics are very popular among fans of hybrid manicure. Not without reason! Brand owes its popularity to a wide range of colors of lacquers and their finishes and a multitude of effects that can be put on lacquer, from glitter to holographic or iridescent polishes. Thanks to the effects you can completely change an ordinary, one-dimensional polish into a beautiful, interesting and deep manicure. Effects in the form of pollen, glitter, powder and sprinkles, mostly also need to be protected with a top coat

Hybrid manicure is a modern solution worthy of modern women. Both businesswomen and full-time moms need a durable and fast way to take care of their nails. Thanks to hybrids we can feel beautiful and well-groomed, without worrying every now and then that our manicure will not stand up to housework or our busy lifestyle

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