Fashionable and glamorous autumn manicure ideas

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Fashionable and glamorous autumn manicure ideas

What should an autumn manicure be like? Many of us associate it with a dark color palette: burgundy, brown and bottle green. Although certain trends come back to us every year, this fall we are going outside the pattern and our manicure will look a little different. Find out what will reign supreme on the hands in the coming months.

Red nails

Let’s start with the classics, which, as we well know, never go out of style. A red manicure will work well for any season, but it particularly suits the autumn aura. In the coming months, we will wear both ruby shades, as well as the classic Valentino red and deep wine color. The red color looks good both on short filed nails and slightly longer almond nails. So it is a good choice, regardless of your style and the occasion. The classics will always defend themselves!

Shades of beige and brown

After neons and pastels, which reigned on the nails in the summer, it’s time for a bit calmer shades. This season, both in clothes and on nails, colors falling into warm beige, caramel, toffee and chocolate will be fashionable. An absolute fan of manicures in such shades is J.Lo herself, but we will also see it on the hands of other Instagram stars. If you want simple but striking nails, paint each nail a different shade of sweet dessert.

Glazed-donut nails

Glazed-donut nails is a nail style that is making an absolute splash on Instagram! All thanks to Hailey Bieber, who on her profile presented a manicure that looked like donuts poured with icing. Since then, these nails have become a viral trend and manicurists all over the world started doing them. You’ll achieve this minimalist effect with a touch of madness if you paint your nails a milky color and rub a little chrome dust on them. It’s a styling that will work for both everyday and bigger outings.

French manicure

Although it was once synonymous with edginess, today it is back in favor again. French manicure is the best proof that fashion likes to return and often surprise. It has been present in the trends for several seasons, and also in autumn 2022 it could not be missing. The hit is, of course, the classic combination of pink and white, although there will also be some crazier proposals. The most interesting of these is emo French, or beige nails with black tips. Also fashionable are stripes in silver, gold and even animal prints.

Naked & metallic

The time has come for a bit of glitter, but in a subtle way. This season we will paint our nails with a colorless base, and on it we will apply glitter particles, pearls and crystals. This trend is sure to appeal to fashion minimalists who want to introduce a bit of madness into their manicure. The effect is to be as subtle as possible, to be suitable for both day and evening. Such nails are a good way to sneak a bit of flash into your autumn style.

Metallic manicure

The way to a simple, yet effective manicure? Paint the entire plate with a polish in the color of metallic silver, gold or copper. Such nails are already conquering Instagram and the world’s fashion runways. They are worn by, among others, Gigi Hadid, Zendaya, Dua Lipa and Vanessa Hudgens. You can get the most fashionable effect by rubbing a special powder into the plate, which will give you a mirror-like surface.

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