How to perform a milling machine manicure at home?

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How to perform a milling machine manicure at home?

Well-kept hands are the business card of every woman. They attract the most attention. With them we greet, gesture and work. Of course, the skin on the hands should be well-groomed, but do not forget about the nails. Once manicure was complicated and had to be performed by a beautician, today every woman can perform this procedure in the comfort of your own home.

What is a milling manicure?

Milling machine is a device extremely safe for the skin and nails. The manicure performed with it involves trimming cuticles and shaping nails. In the past, this was done with the use of scissors, polishers and files, which led to small cuts, were not precise, and moreover, damaged the nail plate. Milling machine manicure is effective and precise. The device allows you to easily remove the old gel or hybrid polish and prepare the nail plate for application of new gel or polish. An additional advantage is the lack of need to soften cuticles beforehand, which definitely saves time when performing manicure

What to look for when buying a milling machine?

A milling machine manicure can be done at home, but for this purpose you need to buy a milling machine. It is not true that only beauty salons have good quality devices, because they are available to the public. When planning to buy one, it is important to determine your requirements. How often are you going to use the milling machine? Do you plan to use it only for cutting cuticles, or also to remove gel from the nails? These are important questions, because the choice of the right device depends on them. The first thing you should pay attention to is the power of the cutter. If it is only going to be used for manicure, then such a device with medium power is enough. However, if you plan to use it for gel or acrylic mass removal, we recommend buying the one with the highest power. The shape and weight of the handle is also important. It is best to choose such, which fits well in your hand, is ergonomic and fairly light. Otherwise, working with it may prove tiring. Finally, pay attention to what kind of cutters are attached to it. These thin and short drill bits have different shapes and grit sizes. The grit otherwise known as gradation is color coded. The finest bits are yellow, the intermediate bits are colored red, blue and green and the coarsest bits are black. Burs are made of different materials. You can find stone, ceramic or carbide drills. There are the following shapes of cutters:

  • spherical – perform the same task as pliers and scissors,
  • tears – remove epithelium from the nail plate,
  • point – used for pushing cuticles away from the nail,
  • cylinders and cones – are needed when removing gel or hybrid polish from the nail

Milling machine manicure – how to perform at home?

Before proceeding, you need to figure out in what order to perform specific actions. Milling machine manicure is performed in order to remove old gel or hybrid varnish, give the nails an appropriate shape, smooth the edges, matt and adjust the cuticles. When starting to perform the procedure on your own, you should first disinfect your hands with antibacterial liquid. Then you should use the conical cutter and gently remove the old gel or hybrid polish from the nail plate. After that, the cutter is changed to a teardrop cutter and the epithelium is removed from the nail. The tip drill pushes the cuticles away from the nail, and the ball drill adjusts the cuticles surrounding the nail. After the procedure, the dust is removed from the cuticles and nails with a special brush. Then you can apply nail polish on them and make a new nail design.

When performing the treatment yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind, namely

  • use good quality cutters,
  • remember about proper selection of the gradation,
  • adjust the speed of the milling cutter to the task at hand

For beginners, it is recommended to perform miller manicure on the lowest speed

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