What fragrance notes to choose for fall?

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What fragrance notes to choose for fall?

For everyone it is known that the change of season from summer to autumn is associated with changes in closet. The same applies to fragrances. What notes to avoid, and what to look for in fragrances for autumn? Check it out!

Perfumes perfect for autumn

In autumn, fragrances that combine notes of wood and flowers will work well. Most women opt for more intense fragrances. Autumn aromas are dominant and expressive, and therefore, more troublesome.

In spring and summer the situation is much easier. Light, floral and refreshing notes reign supreme. Therefore, it is even harder to switch to intense musky and spicy fragrances.

When choosing a perfume is also very important temperature outside and body heat. They are responsible for how strongly the scents are felt. In autumn, delicate floral and fruity notes simply lose their power. This is due to the low temperature, which does not allow them to detach from the skin. Therefore, in autumn, perfumes must be more intense, so that their smell was simply felt.

Choice of aroma notes in perfumes for women

Each fragrance consists of three notes. These slowly develop as they come in contact with the skin. First you feel one note, which goes into the next, to remain noticeable in a different way at the end. They are divided into head, heart and depth notes. Each fragrance smells slightly different after contact with the skin and develops over time to create unique compositions. Not everything that suits your mother, for example, will also suit you.

Let’s go back to the individual notes. Before we choose a perfume, it is good to know how the smell itself will spread on our body.

Head note – this scent we feel immediately after opening the flacon. Therefore, it has a large impact on the customer’s decision to purchase a given perfume. They are most intense up to half an hour after application. It consists mainly of fruity fragrances.

Heart note – this element appears only after about 10 minutes after the first contact with the skin. It is very important due to the fact that it combines the head note and the depth note. Usually we can find here floral and spicy aromas. It stays on the skin for up to two hours.

Depth note (base) – this is a basic fragrance, which is noticeable about 20 minutes after application. Despite the fact that it is less intense, it determines the character of the entire fragrance

We have to be prepared for the fact that the components of this note are released slowly and can be felt from a few to several hours after contact with the skin. Only then we can fully experience the smell of a given perfume. Usually in the base we find: ambergris, forest resin, musk, vanilla and spice.

What scents do women choose – sweet gourmand or spicy spices?

Typically, women opt for sweet and spicy ingredients in the fall. The most popular spicy scents include: cardamom, cinnamon, coffee, vanilla, saffron, curry tree or cocoa beans. On the other hand, the most popular sweet scents are those of maple syrup, dates, nougat, pralines, white chocolate, marzipan and toffee.

Often, autumn perfumes also have notes of beeswax, musk, ambergris, amber and sea shells. Flowers also appear: iris, rose, bergamot and gardenia. If you can not find a scent that suits you in the drugstore, go to a perfume shop. Experienced employees will compose a fragrance under you.

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