These lacquer shades will make your hands look attractive!

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These lacquer shades will make your hands look attractive!

Undoubtedly, the hands are the business card of every woman. Proper selection of shades of nail polish is therefore the basis for a proper presentation.

What should be taken into consideration when choosing the right polish?

The choice of nail polish is based on few essential factors. One of them is matching color to the skin tone. The second is the current fashion. If we can determine the characteristics of our skin, it will be much easier to match the appropriate shade of nail polish, especially in relation to current trends. The effect will be electrifying, and the admiration we will arouse, will be the best recognition of the fact, that we take care of ourselves. The basic principle is that the color of the nails is properly chosen when it complements the natural shade of the skin. This is also when it looks healthy and attractive.

How to evaluate your complexion?

It is a mistake to think that assessing the color of the complexion only requires a look under any conditions. Contrary to what you might think, this can only work for visibly dark skin. In other cases, the incident light makes a significant difference. Therefore, the best way to determine skin tone is to use daylight. Just put your hand to the window and look at the skin on your wrist. It can have a cold tone with blue, red or pink tones, but also a warm tone with distinctly golden, beige or olive tones.

Alabaster or porcelain skin

It is definitely worth choosing warm beige shades for this complexion. They will make it possible to reveal the subtle beauty that delicate and innocent naturalness so clearly demonstrates. If the skin tone is cooler, it is worth choosing grays and fuzzy pinks. Reaching for whitened beiges will also be a good option.

What to choose for neutral skin tones?

In some cases, the skin does not have a clearly light or dark complexion. This is called intermediate skin tone. This skin tone is very versatile and can be matched with both cool and warm nail polish shades. In case of this skin tone it is advisable to choose nail polishes, which match this slightly peachy skin tone, which is neither too light nor too dark. Although it is versatile, there are shades that go perfectly with it. These are silvers and frosty colors, although expressive and bright colors will also be a good choice. You can opt for red, orange and pink – of course, in an intense edition. With this type of complexion, only navy blue and red should be avoided.

Cool olive – what goes with it?

If you have a cool, clearly olive complexion, it is worth reaching for more subdued, subtle colors of nail polish. Definitely an excellent choice is light beige, which suits self-confident, independent women with this skin tone. Avoid all kinds of black, intense gold and orange.

Dark complexion

Just like neutral complexion skin, sallow skin is also extremely versatile. Almost all shades of makeup are suitable for this skin type, but cool beige is the best choice. All kinds of red shades, as well as pastel purples and blues are equally good choices. Actually, the only color that should be avoided is brown – it might blend with our natural complexion.

If your dark complexion is a result of a suntan, you should reach for maroon, browns and all shades of gold.

Hands with visible veins

Some palms, especially lighter ones, often have the problem of visible veins. In this case it’s a bad idea to go for cool colors like purple. Instead it is better to reach for pastel shades of pink and beige. Shades of lacquers should be enriched with small, minimalistic decorations, which will surely match for example warm peach color.

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