What powder and foundation to choose for problematic skin?

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What powder and foundation to choose for problematic skin?

Owners of problematic skin sometimes look for the perfect cosmetics to effectively cover skin imperfections and at the same time help with skin care. Do you know how to choose powder and foundation to improve the condition of your skin? We suggest.

Are you always looking for a good foundation for your complexion, which will effectively cover numerous imperfections, leaving it smooth and matte for many hours? Cosmetics should not clog pores or cause blackheads. Since such foundations and powders are almost like a new, better skin, ladies with problematic skin such as oily or acne skin can enjoy its flawless look.

Cosmetics should cover well and not clog pores

Problem skin does not like heavy cosmetics, which usually clog pores, but we should remember that an opaque foundation does not have to have such an effect. On the cosmetic market, in drugstores and pharmacies there are many products available which mattify the skin well, cover imperfections and redness and even out the skin tone. These are non-drying foundations, they spread quite well, both with your hands and with a sponge or brush. Looking for the perfect powder and foundation? You will not be disappointed with these products!

The best foundations intended for acne skin can be found in the offer of the following brands: Vichy, La Roche Posay, Iwostin or Annabelle Minerals. Cosmetics of these companies have very good opinions on the Internet and their users praise visible changes in the look of their skin. These products are characterized by effective action on skin prone to imperfections, because they contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. What’s more, they are ideal for makeup of problematic skin, oily skin, acne and blackheads, because they will not worsen its condition, but only improve it.

How to apply powder and foundation on problematic skin?

Remember to wash your face thoroughly before applying foundation, removing excess sebum and any other impurities. Only mild, alcohol-free cleansers that do not damage the skin’s protective barrier should be used. Then gently spread on the skin a light cream for problematic skin. It should have a moisturizing effect. It is best to apply foundation in liquid form with your fingers. However, if we prefer to do it with a sponge or a brush, we have to wash these things thoroughly with soap and water after each use. If we want to achieve a stronger coverage effect, we should apply the foundation using the stamping technique – by placing the sponge or the brush next to the spot. At the end, we apply a setting powder. If we want to touch up our make-up during the day, we should first gently dry our skin with a mattifying tissue or a clean tissue and only then we can apply another layer of foundation and powder.

Here are examples of well-covering foundations:

  • Vichy Dermablend Correcting 3D – foundation for acne-prone skin has very good covering properties. Dermablend is able to camouflage significant blemishes and pimples. It also perfectly fills in irregularities on the face, such as scars or enlarged pores. The cosmetic also contains ingredients improving the condition of acne skin, such as exfoliating and anti-inflammatory salicylic acid and moisturizing glycerine. The effectiveness of Vichy foundation has been clinically proven.
  • La Roche Posay Toleriane Teint Fluid SPF 25 is a foundation for acne-prone skin. Toleriane Teint is perfect if your skin is sensitive and prone to pimples. The fluid of this brand covers well, mattifies and covers pimples, at the same time leaving the skin smooth and radiant.
  • Iwostin, Correctin Purritin – is a mattifying fluid, permanently covering for acne-prone skin. Perfectly corrects imperfections of oily, combination and acne-prone skin, at the same time giving the effect of velvety, smooth and above all healthy skin. Its mineral pigments even out the skin tone and ensure a natural make-up effect. The fluid spreads very easily on the skin and does not aggravate seborrhea.

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