Visible panty print under a dress – how to hide it?

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Visible panty print under a dress – how to hide it?

Even our best chosen styling can be ruined by ill-fitting underwear. A real nightmare for women, especially in summer, are visible panties under a dress or tight jeans. To avoid them, it is worth using a few tricks, so that our underwear does not disturb the proportions of the figure.

How to cope with the imprint of panties under the dress?

The most important is to choose the right size of panties. Thanks to the fact that we choose the right size, we will not have problems with our underwear cutting into our body. It is worth choosing the right width of panties or thongs, so that they are fitted to your figure. You may find it helpful to have ladies who also deal with brafitting. In the same way, choose the width of your bra to make it comfortable for you. Many people choose bras or panties that are too small. It is a good idea to choose a bra or panties that is too small and will make you look slimmer. It is also worth choosing such types of underwear, which will not stand out under a tight dress, or leggings or pencil skirt. These are outfits that not only expose our figure imperfections, but may also show the underwear line, which may make us a bit uncomfortable

To avoid such a situation, choose seamless underwear. It is a very good idea to choose seamless panties, which instead of a single rubber band sewn on the top, are made of elastic material, which perfectly adapts to the body. A great and slightly sexier option is to choose lace underwear, in which elastic lace has been used, allowing for a much more precise fit to your figure. Suitable lingerie for tight dresses is available in lingerie stores. You can also use corrective underwear, which will further slim the figure and make the cut between the underwear and the naked body completely invisible. Such underwear has a slightly higher waist, which makes not only hips but also our waist slimmer

To feel more feminine, you may choose a body, which is fastened at the crotch, which makes it easier to take off. It has a built-in bra with adjustable straps or without, in which balconette cups are used. Thanks to them our breasts are nicely lifted. The choice of such lingerie should be made with a brafitter, who will advise on the size of the cup and the width of the straps and the bottom of the body. It is also designed to slenderize your silhouette, so it is worth considering the purchase of such underwear, not only for a tight dress

This type of lingerie will allow us to feel exceptionally feminine and certainly will eliminate the problem of strongly visible panties under a dress.

What types of clothes can cover our underwear?

If we have and really like our more fitted underwear, it’s a good idea to tuck it into other types of clothing. Underwear with visible stripes can be perfect with higher waisted jeans, for example, which will additionally make us look much slimmer. Oversize pants are also very good with such underwear. A little bit looser dresses and tunics will also make our more fitted underwear not be visible underneath the clothes. Attention to such details can make us feel more feminine. It is possible to put on underwear under very cut-out dresses or overalls, ideally suited for this, for example in a flesh-colored or low-cut version, thanks to which it will be practically invisible to outsiders, and we will feel comfortable.

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